Middle Aged Shed

Yeah in that price range and it’s night and day against Dyson.

You need a cordless and a conventional one when you get to peak midlife


Fuck the G-Tech Air Ram


You sure that’s not for the military hardware thread?

Oops - wrong forum!


Definitely need both, cordless for the grab and go, Henry for cars/DIY or top to bottom house cleans :+1:

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Going from their ads they look budget as fuck. BUT, I have a friend who wanted to buy a replacement for their older Dyson and borrowed a new Shark that one of their mates was raving about, (talk about middle aged, eh :wink:), just to see what the deal was. They vacuumed their house with the Dyson and then went round with the Shark and it picked up more than the Dyson had done on the first run. So there you go, it’s like a real life tv ad test but it actually happened. Needless to say they went and bought a Shark and are stoked on it.


Nice one. If their CEO is a remainer I’m in


+1 for Shark, has a cord, incredible performance.

Shark do look a bit like an 8 year old Transformers fan designed them but their performance is off the hook


Any electricians on here? I need advice about a motor so I don’t explode myself.

There’s a Spanky but not sure about a Sparky.

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Worth a little ripple.

Tried some eco-friendly bleach and it did absolutely fuck all. Back to pouring litres of gloopy poison into the water system again.

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I tried using eco-washup liquid after cooking / eating a roast once.

That took a while.

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Just finished sanding down putting 3 coats of paint on all 7 doors that are inside our house.

I’m so over painting.

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absolutely - shark for little blasts where needed, henry all over once a week

gonna up my compost game - also found myself watching The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres…good times…

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