Middle Aged Shed

Planted my chilli plant in January and it’s just given me it’s first offering. Hyped.

we have bell peppers, padron peppers, rocket, oregano and basil in there aswell. salads, beans, peas, courgettes and herbs are outside.


Do any of you live in London?
Real estate like that is gold dust in the city.

It opened.

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this place was an absolute state when we got it 3 years ago so glad to finally have it looking alright, lawn is so so atm though. my wife’s stepdad built a shed/pub from scratch with loads of materials he nicked working on site over a period of time haha, think we only spent about £100 on extra bits for it.


Smirnoff though? LAD.

definitely way cheaper stuff in there tbf, the bottle is just a nice size for the optics haha


Mowed lawn then had a can and listened to The Bunt. It was a good day.

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My potatoes have come up really nicely, and looks like we’ve got fucking loads of them this year. Planted about 4/5 pots and we should have about 30-40 good sized spuds judging from what we’ve dug up so far!

The recent winds have blown loads of pears off of my tree.
They’re not ready yet so wasted.

Same. Now foxes and squirrels are eating them.

Burning loads of wood and annoying neighbours who want to put their washing out.

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Whack a couple tyres on there

and any leftover polysterene

Mowed the lawn last Saturday and it’s rained loads then been nice again since and now my garden looks wild again. Not stoked.

I have to get rid of the nettle around the chicken coop. #midlife

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An old damp (might as well be cardboard) wardrobe is doing enough work to produce the nasty type smoke so don’t need tyres etc to be annoying. I do have amazing immediate neighbours luckily but the ones further downstream must be pissed.

And the occasional aerosol can.

Today I’ve reclaimed my workshop that was overrun with kids toys and other things that just got in the way.
I can work on guitars in there again now.

And cleared a workbench out of the other shed to create more space as well as taking stuff that isn’t needed to the skip.
Shall get rid of webs and dust next before a lick of paint, installing some speakers and have an extra little chill room.
Exercise bike will benefit from space so I can use that and listen to music, watch films, whatever keeps me occupied while riding nowhere.

I really, really want a pool room. 7ft table. Might be able to build one at our summer house but will be a few years before that happens :frowning:

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