Music thread

+1 for Protomartyr being incredible live.

Crazy how little political music there is right now. Maybe nobody wants to offend the other side.

New Bombay Bicycle club sounds quite nice. Probably the only normie type indie bands of the past 10+ years that ever had something about them.

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New Hot Chip video by BOSR:


does he have an insta or anything?



That’s ace - nice one BOSR.

A load of good Carl Craig tunes

Saw them when they supported Metz too, good live. Metz were incredible, I haven’t seen a band ignite a room like they have in years. Best band I’ve seen live in over a decade.

Not sure if this helps but my mate does reviews for this company in our town

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I’ll admit it, I’m an old git and don’t like much modern hip hop. Is there anything I should check out, OR any slightly obscure old gems from the 90s I might have missed? On the slightly dirty less commercial side

+1 with jimvo, would also like to hear

This’ll have to do for now. Funny, at the time this kind of stuff sounded kind of menacing, now it feels warm and cosy

RIP Daniel Johnston.

Gimme Shelter isolated vocal

Merry Clayton, so good. Most famous bit at 2:41

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“A lot of people devote their lives to me” is pretty big talk for first album, even if it’s won an industry award… Steady on Dave.

on one tonight so…

Taskforce… Oh yeah.

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