Music thread

Weathermen were so good. I have lots on cd and vinyl, if you’re missing anything you really need let me know and I can see if I have it…

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This still gets a lot of listens. My daughter used to be really into it.
I need to play her more of his stuff.

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Teaser for a Butthole Surfers documentary.

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Oh, wow! Big fan…


My local had a record fair on over the weekend. Picked this up on 45. Been looking for this one for a while.

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I honestly don’t. Everything is in the loft these days, almost pointless ‘stuff’.

Love how El P goes batshit on this Lorde remix. Beat is nice.

I respect a man who knows a lot about El-P. I struggled post Co Flow because I loved Co Flow so frikkin much that - at the time - everything else related that came afterwards seemed second best. Even Cold Vein.

That meant I missed out on a lot of stuff.

Any tips for stuff to check @Mike (in addition to those bits you’ve already posted)?

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Can’t claim to know much about El P tbh :rofl:

Everything….seriously. Everything. Start at Fantastic Damage and work forwards lol.

I’d echo what mike said (though you can probably skip the Capone score).

There’s even a great jazz album - High Water - if you can find it.


Yeah, I’d skipped Capone unintentionally tbh, never heard it. The megamixxxxxx albums are ace too.

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This is an off cut…album… lol.

Ahh shit, delving into a right hole tonight haha

Probably end up rinsing some Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock too

Rhythm roulette. Beat is :fire:


I was never a big Co Flow fan myself, even though everyone I knew at the time loved them. But this El P remix of Where Da Gs was a good one. Obviously from the album Dizzee inexplicably released on Def Jux.

RIP Francoise Hardy


A music video I did for my mates band all about having a chippy tea, like.


I like music & I love a chippy tea.
Added to the WatchLater pile. :+1:

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New Ghostface album is terrible. Really disappointing, I’d say, after only 1 listen, it’s possibly his worst studio album.

Kanye has a god awful verse on one track as well

Meanwhile, JV&B coming through like it’s ‘94

Damn. Overall he’s the most consistent Clan member for my money. That is disappointing (still going to give it a go though).