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Recording from a DJ set the other week at YES in Manchester if anyone needs some background sounds today, starts with a cover by ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ by Micha Ben Ami, ends with ‘Crash Override’ by Tukan on Hoga Nord, who are always worth checking out…


Cheers, just what I needed today…

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Reddit user reviews ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ mix after attending listening event.

I gotta say…the top bands on my playlist has to be The Smiths, The Cure, Blink-182, Iration, Rebelution, and Bob Marley. If none of ya’ll have listened to them ur missing out fr…just listen to this song

Mix of Actress-ey type stuff done with me new analogue mixer


Anyone else watching the Glastonbury coverage? Chris Martin looks like he’s going to a rave at a climbing wall.

I usually look forward to this but there wasn’t really anything that appealed to me this year. YouTube keeps suggesting various bits from the Isle Of Wight Festival that look good so I’ll dip into more of those over the next couple of weeks.

That said, LCD Soundsystem were good.

I did also pop Coldplay on for a bit… (Radio 2 for extra points) …and ended up listening to the full set, with camp fire & beers, which suited my current frame of mind a treat.


Had a dig about on iPlayer, found The Breeders set, that was about the highlight of Glastonbury for me

Not a Coldplay fan at all, some sing along tracks, but seeing Michael J Fox absolutely smashing it from a wheelchair warmed the cockles of this old cynics heart



lol. Nice.

OOF! jokes aside, that’s an emotional listen.

My mate Katherine’s album has finally come out on Planet Mu.


It’s wicked. You can check it on bleep and via loads of other shops.

This could’ve gone in the Stoked! thread.


Sick. Mu is such a great label

Absolutely. Long-time fan of Mike P and his label. So much sick stuff over the years and so diverse.

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