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Nebz Supreme and Eso Tre feat. Prince Po “Take It To The Bank”

TG using a big quote from Bite My Wire on his biog / release info

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Ha, rad.

This is his best album and I’d be insisting on a free copy now, if I hadn’t already illegally downloaded it. It’s a great album.

Yeah I listened to all of it last night, it’s lovely. Quite fancy it on vinyl but I’m trying to cut down

This has probs been posted before but his work collab with Trevor Jackson is pretty intense, was surprised

Had this on today for mellow office background new age vibez

Reminds me I need to look this 7" out

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Some nice archive footage in this.

Could have gone in the Cars thread too.

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Silas’ skateboarding skeleton…


i started doing a couple of online radio shows once a month

still got that weird thing with mixcloud links not displaying properly on here?

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For any fusion nerds lurking

Looks like Pavement might be doing some shows. How long has that been a thing?

Somehow managed to negotiate a pass out from burgeoning young family duties to go see them in Paris in 2010(I think?). Was such a good show and only the second time I’d seen them after 90’s Slanted and Enchanted era.

Fucking hell had a quick scan the other day and completely missed them right there at the top.
Caught them at Brixton on that last reunion tour and it was great.
I guess Bob got himself some more gambling debts.

I’m pretty sure that every band that has ever existed, currently exists.

Yeah, e.g. look at this for a line up:

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haha fuck.

I’ve got a brand new combine harvester x Agadoo mash up.


Who are the Lancashire Hotpots? Am I missing out here?

Comedy band in the Wurzels vein.
Sorta amusing for three seconds.

This is such a good album. Glad my dad’s friend introduced me to Lester Young.


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