Music thread

I’ve still got the VHS and the World box set DVD, and I’m good with that. Any World collector completists out there might be interested. I had no idea these LPs were even a thing until eBay threw up a random recommendation.


On ‘Rocco’s World Records’ - maybe he’s doing it as a break from the golfing?


I can’t bring myself to listen to it, I heard one of the singles and it just sounded bad. Guess Ill just listen to the moon and Antarctica again

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Been trying to find some new stuff as I’m in a rut of just listening to the same artists I’ve been into for years. Stumbled across this band yesterday and have listened to this song like 20 times

ha, wow!
I’ve heard several versions of the Hair soundtrack - nice to pin down the OG Love Child one

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No different to a reissue shirt though, is it?

Also bought the Hair soundtrack (from a chazza for 50p) and it sounded different.

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I suppose not. Although, to be pedantic, try wearing an LP or playing a t shirt. I know what you mean though.

Like I said, I’m not buying one, but it might appeal to someone - possibly the people who buy reissue shirts. Maybe ‘World collector completists’ wasn’t phrasing it correctly. Those in the Dear Skating customer base might be more accurate.

those bloody hippies. no consistency

(‘Aquarius’ is a monster!)

Probably not cool to say this on here but guilty confession - Billie Eilish is sick. Some good tunes on her new album. Her voice is just amazing and her songwriting is beautiful and so mature for her age.

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Isn’t it all her brother?

Yes and no, as in he had some solo stuff last year and it did fuck all.

More that he writes her songs and produces them. He’s got a load of Grammys for her music.

I watched her doc on appletv, they seem like nice people.

They really do.

Yeah, they really do.

This is the first clip I saw of her:

was sold on her from then on.

That’s the first time I’ve ever actually heard her sing, what a voice!

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Holy shit. Want. (The Love Child LP)

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Yesterday’s pointless purchase


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