Music thread

Black Dig - Bytes is freakin magic. Plaid have their moments…

Bytes is glorious, some of the best if not the best of that type.

Just Dlin that Radiohead stuff, because, why not.

Bytes and Spanners are both on my eternal playlist

I had Bytes on vinyl, since lost in the mist

I have two copies CMOAC
I’d offer you one, but it’s a bit shagged, and i could probably flog it and buy a Lambo anyway

Damn, i’d love that! Have a lambo I can trade.

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I was going to reply by PM as this is far too nerdy to be seen talking about in public but fuck it.
I want to keep my ‘good’ copy, which is a reissue from a few years back. The other one is actually the OG bronze vinyl from 1993, which is a beautiful thing, but this and all the other coloured vinyl versions of the Warp Artificial Intelligence series were all notoriously shit pressings, the vinyl is just so poor quality that in a few tiny places it’s peeling away in layers, like those strings on a banana peel. So, you don’t actually want it, and I’m not getting a Lambo.

+1 on the Plaid/Black Dog Productions etc. love. This tune is eternally beautiful

reissue coming later this month ! nn classic

rinsed this the night you upped it to youtube perv. so good

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This actually made me ball my eyes out…
Rang my skate mate in Bridgwater and cried down the phone to him.
Feels good to cry after soooooo many years…I’ve got the instrumental to this!!!
Hold tight for the next freestyle in “Lady Mode!”
Bomfunk MCs 2019!!! Makes me cry this!!!

haha big up man, proper sick ain’t it !

got it shipped straight from connor kammerer and he emailed me a nice dl link for spirit quest, very sound

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