Music thread

Yeah I made a tune, it was pretty toss so I pretended it never happened. Post yours up!

I’ll send it to you man.

Just found Laurence Fox’s theme song:

Listening to the whole album, but this one might be the favourite right now.

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Anyone know how much monomachines go for currently? None on ebay atm

Growing up I was an unashamedly emo sk8 rat.

Music rotation consisted of Funeral For A Friend, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday… the usual lot.

I only kept listening (still do) to Brand New as their music evolved and matured as I did. I’ve however rediscovered FFAF after Spotify suggesting them on a throwback playlist. Casually Dressed and Hours are still bangers… if you’re into that kind of thing.

TDLR: The emo kid inside me has returned at the age of 31 and a half and I’m not ashamed


They were going fairly cheap a few years ago when the new Elektrons came out but I reckon the MnM and MD are gonna be sought after. I don’t use my MnM that much but use the MachineDrum all the time.
You’d make your money back easily though, you got it when they were pretty low if I remember, around £600-700?

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Yeah got it for £300 (thanks again :))

Is this site legit?! Insane price increase if so. Obviously I’d rather keep it but for that price it’d be hard to say no

Reverb are notoriously over market value. There are huge mark ups on there (specifically guitars but i imagine other gear is the same)

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Reverb is insane but I wouldn’t be surprised if MnM and MD prices reach their new prices on ebay and whatnot. Maybe have a look on Elektronauts forum, not looked on there for years but i’m sure they have a selling page or something.

£300 though? bargain, I thought you bought for £600.
reckon you could get a grand on ebay if you played it well but I have not been on gear hunting for ages so i’m not up on current prices.

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Did you u see that poster doing the rounds for that festival in Vegas? Insane lineup if you’re a 30+ former pop punk/emo child - MCR, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday etc

Brand New would definitely have been on it if Jessie hadn’t been a sex pest

Emo kid you say?



Oh cool, you just reminded me of Manchester Orchestra and there’s an album I haven’t heard yet!


Would love to go to that just for the emo goth chicks in their 30’s.


They were hanging up their coats in 2018 anyway. Also, the accusations were debunked as far as I remember.

I only listened to Thursday and TBS out of that ocean of black hair dye

Yeah I had tickets to see them at the O2 but obviously that tour never happened in the end

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