Music thread

Kind of related, I got on another one of these comps. Don’t think I’m going to do any more though as I didn’t get paid anything for the last 3. Exposure means sod all really.

I don’t either, there’s so much missing and hearing Billie Eilish advert every ten minutes doesn’t make me want to listen to her any more than I do, which is none.

I do wish Mixcloud was a little more friendly-looking, so that more people would use it and it’d become the standard. My old work had the office next to them (where Boiler Room is) and supposedly they don’t make any money.

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got tanum back up in december and i’m fucking buzzing for it already :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

side note - anyone got reccs on a good, easy to use site to sell tickets through? not resident advisor

these 3 xvarr releases are sublime tbh is great for sleeping too (think build posted this years ago cheers builda)

i’ll smash a big wetransfer link tonight if i’ve got time

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It’s not great, mixcloud, though it has the potential to be. They restict bits of it on your phone to get you to download the app, which I did, and that’s crap too. I still don’t really get how it’s legal anyway, they don’t have an agreement with everyone, why don’t they get sued all the time?


I think they pay the PPL a blanket licence, same as my work did.

Possibly goes without saying but this is outstanding:


Sleep wise, hmmm

Tim Hecker - Radio Amor was always a really good one to go to sleep to.

I have been having long baths to this recently, although not electronic.

Which one is Meth please?

(Spotify will only play lists in shuffle mode on my account/phone)



Thank you.

This might sound like a total shambles then.

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My go to every year

I know @BDF posted the original yesterday but did someone post this? I’ve been listening to it all day and can’t remember how I found it. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Might have shed a tear…

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Julien Baker is amazing. Listen to her Tiny Desk if you havent

Autumn chill out (for want of a better term) mix to download if anyone fancies it.

Right I’m getting off here for a bit, been caning this place a lot this week. It’s a good place though, cheers spanky.

Logs back in immediately


Had no idea about this until today. Big fan of everything Tommy G has released too.

It’s very good.


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