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This one…so good…

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Anyone partake in “gully beats” on the old forum? Make a tune based on a soundtrack LP…

Another one?

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Don’t remember it called Gully Beats but yeah would be fun.

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Thought Krillmonger might pop up. Never mind.

This is the chosen soundtrack. Nearly went for Apocalypse Now but this has more music original to the film. It’s a wicked film as well.

Deadline 20th Dec though I’ll probably do it next week

damn man completely forgot about that some absolute slammers

forgot how delightful that rodney track to finish was

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Hey nice one, I forgot it was on Bandcamp. And yeh that Rodney tune is great. Meth one is good too

This is possibly one for the pointless topics really, buut…

I came here to post about a song I’ve been hearing on 6music (U&ME by alt-J) over the last few weeks that seems to have a skate sample in it - an ollie / grind on rail - but after watching the video it definitely is skateboarding and it looks like they filmed the video at ROM.

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trav coming through with a delightful poster for next month :heart_eyes:


I’m hopelessly late to everything these days but I’m loving the ‘new’ Sonic Boom record.


Saw Sonic Boom in Melbourne in 2008 and it’s one of the greatest gigs I’ve ever seen. Got a desk recording of it later and I still listen to it from start to finish. Wasn’t even that arsed about going because I’d seen him be shit as Sonic Boom and as EAR years before but nah. Extraordinary stuff.


Title track from the new Fluxion LP.


Bronze56k Radio mix.

Got the album of this the other day. Slightly weird blend of dub techno and easy listening-ish stuff, but it’s growing on me. It’s certainly nice and calm. Have they been around for a while? Not heard of it before

There’s definitely New-Age in there, yeah. I only know them/it from a record called Perspectives a couple(?) of years ago. It’s very good too. That’s more spacey-dub than this one.


This is wicked.

This guy seems to put out an album a month

Free Namlook from '94

love this mad bastard

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