Neil Blender

I’ve got a few Blender stickers in the collection if anyones into stickers @skateboardstickeraddict Trying to track down a few of the elusive earlier ones to complete the set.


Lance on Blender

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Grosso on Blender


I struggled to know how to/whether I should answer this as I’ve known him for a long time kind of so it feels uncomfortable answering.

I’m going to defer to my Mrs’ comment when she met him for the first time.

“I feel like I just met Gandalf”


Going to throw this in here too, mainly because I can’t believe it only has 81 views.
Blender’s part from this video gets posted often but the entire video is brilliant.
When this came out it was completely different from ANYTHING else that predated it.
It was also the first time Dinosaur Jr was used with skateboarding.
Watch it all - it’s fantastic.


Savannah Slamma 3, the year before. :wink:


Totally understandable.

The two times I’ve briefly met him/been in his presence (once randomly in an airport and once at a demo), I had a similar reaction to your wife.

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Superb, especially as Steve Claar has a section.

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Fair but nobody outside of the States saw that.
I was desperate to buy it but it proved impossible.
First use of Dinosaur in a widely available/desired company video then.



i just randomly watched speed freaks last week and really enjoyed his part. this also sounds like dinosuar jr and was also 89 (maybe it isnt though i didnt check the credits). how he skated that moonlands place (sadlands?) was so sweet, his mini ramp looks so ridiculously tight.

skeletons quote is all time classic and that artwork above is brilliant

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He had one of the best frontside ollies on vert

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RIP Mark Waters

More Neil content


That was ace. Gutted it cut off when it did though.

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That’s weird, I was looking at that yesterday. Nice to see it properly, and not on Thrasher’s crumbling, yellow, see-through paper.

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Found the full thing.
Time stamps for:
stranger - 6.32
chuck dinkins - 28.52
dressen - 30.10
blender - 31.15


What about Grosso’s run? Or was that at another Savannah Slamma?

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It’s the same one.
Didn’t get a time stamp but it’s in there

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