Not Stoked.

Sounds like she needs to learn how to park her car…

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Does anyone have experience with living with someone recovering from Cancer treatment?
This sounds totally selfish but the side effects of my wife’s hormonal therapy are totally unpredictable. I was under the impression that with Chemo and Radio therapy finished and given the all clear for recovery, she would start to get back to old self. However it seems like the sudden fatigue, aches and pains just flare up whenever.
I know it is not her fault and I am very happy she has pulled through the worst of it, but it’s still fucking annoying and stressful to think that I can’t really rely on her to help with the kids or around the house because she’s got to lie down. It’s also emotionally draining to live with someone whose batteries suddenly drain inexplicably.
Fuck cancer.

Is that something that will gradually get better?

I think that’s one for trained experts mate.


Get onto MacMillan. My Dad who never smoked or drank got throat cancer about 8 years ago, had part of his voice box cut out, chemo, radio therapy, feeding tube, the lot. Theres a huge amount of pressure on the patient but their support bubble is often the invisible victim, everyone asked “Hows your Dad?”, noone ever asked “hows your Mum doing?”

His Macmillan nurse was amazing and helped them both, physically and emotionally to deal with it.

Cancer is fucking gnarly and people dont want to talk about it as theres still an enormous stigma which can be isolating and make an already stressful and upsetting time even more so (see also: miscarriages but thats another story)

The important bit is it can and will get better but its difficult and as hard as it may be try not to take too much on yourself (although Christ knows how gnarly it must be going through all that in COVID times too) and talk it out so you don’t lose it which will make it harder for everyone.

PM if you want to rant/talk about anything x


And one in a hundred people ask how YOU are doing. Usually the people who’ve lost someone to cancer.

I think I was quite glad of that but it’s probably nice to be asked.

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this post here needs a medal or something. big up

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My mates wife had very aggressive throat cancer and when I asked him how he was he said “She’s fine just a bit run down…” as a stock response because he was so conditioned to answer for her, I asked him how HE was and he was genuinely shocked. Noone had asked him yet.

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Cheers man.
It’s just one of those shit situations where she had the cancer and lives with the after effects. We lived with the cancer and its after effects.

I watched that video about accepting being ordinary and it kind of helps to just let go s bit and stop striving for perfection all the time.

Nice tribute to my pal Eric :broken_heart:


That’s really cool.
Sorry for being so short-sighted in my earlier posts.
His detox hikes sounded like a good idea.
Did he have Scandinavian heritage? Never knew his family name…

Finland. No worries Max. He was a great dude. I wish there’d been more footage of him out there, he was way better than any of his footage on his day, just a proper skate rat that didn’t want any of the attention that sponsorship brings

Poor Mark.
Rest in peace


Monday evening: 3 year old daughter pisses in our bed
Tuesday morning: Take mattress protector dry cleaners, to be picked up next day (Wednesday)
Tuesday Evening: 3 week old projects hot milky diarrhea across bed and over wife at 3am on the one day there is no matress protector on it

So not stoked

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Wow. You’d think with such a legacy of legendary skate photos that Sturt would have better personal hygiene

If you haven’t had to drag a piss-soaked mattress into the garden for a hose down in the middle of the night you haven’t really lived.


Interview in 30 mins – internet completely fucked.


Keep us informed!

Done, managed to hotspot my phone only fucked up once near the end.

Think it went well!


Did you mention that you post on here?

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