Not Stoked.

Lol nah. Should I have.


I dunno. Maybe they lurk.

You didn’t mention this place??? That would have been your golden ticket… Blown it mate.


Fingers crossed for you boss.

Had to take a break from Instagram… so many dickhead skaters posting on their stories sat in cars together going on days out skating in various cities… hi 5s and group hugs after landing tricks and so on… Some of these people are my oldest friends to. I’m done with being on there for the time being.


I really haven’t seen that at all. Is it a lot of people?

Perhaps too many people at Train Station spot in Oxford but that’s it.

It’s rampant in Sheffield

Not as bad as it was but there is a couple of groups who are still all of the place almost daily as they are furloughed, live at home so chucking the cash at fuel to hit up places that would be normally a lot busier to skate. I’m not gonna name names but I’m finding it increasingly infuriating how selfish some people can be.

I hope they get rained off before even getting out of the car. Haha.

Surprised people can even do missions at the moment. The police are proper on it down here. We went out just 2 of us filming, keep it small like. Straight away got spoken to by the police who were sound about it and kinda understood that we weren’t being stupid being huddled together in a crew or something.

They’re even on it to the point they’ll tell you to move on if you’re sitting around somewhere on your own, as I saw them doing that to people on the benches on the beach.

I haven’t noticed any difference in police presence here (lancashire) since the start of the Pandemic. You see an odd car but never police on foot ever.

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Down in PT they’re on it to the point they’re stopping cars with out of town regs and in Swansea it seemed to be they were onto any crowds when I was there last.

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Wife’s dad is slowly but surely passing. I feel bad for her. The last year has been so shit.

Shit. Sorry to hear that mate. Fucking sucks.

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Yeah I’ve been unfollowing and muting people who are so blatantly breaking the rules and posting their SHIT to Instagram.

The pandemic is weeding out the selfish rats.

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Grandma got out the hospital and went home last night. Been in since Christmas day after a small fall but caught COVID.

They found her on the floor of her place this morning and she doesn’t know how she got there or when.

She’s going back to hospital.

Nobody can see her. Horrible.

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Mate! Sorry to hear this. Utter shit.

Mate there’s more parking attendants than police in Lancaster / Morecambe.


Fucking shit. Sorry fella!

That’s the worst.

Different situation but I’m pretty sure this whole covid shitstorm aggravated my father in law’s condition. No visits. No strolls. No mental stimulation.

You’re there for your grandma even if you’re not. That sounds non-sensical but it makes sense because you’re doing what you can.

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