Not Stoked.


It’s not too different.

Fucks sake sorry mate

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It’s ok just take me to a Mcdonalds drive through in your merc after this is all over.


Man that’s horrible Hugo and max . Fuck

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Mental morning…
Wife was leaving on first train out to France this morning, I’m left with the two kids indefinitely.
It was the first morning this week when we were actually going to get to school on time and…
I close the front door without my keys!

My wife saved me in extremis by hopping off her train to catch another one hour later. I had to rush all over town in a taxi to get her keys, drop the kids and make my doctor appointment.

Feel like such a knob.

Physio suggested I get an MRI of my back because the problems I have are persistent and it looks like the muscles are locked on one side and have pushed a disc out of place. Yay!

Came home to a boiler switched off - again.

Re-reading all that and actually I should be stoked.
My wife saved me with her keys and still made it out to see her family without too much delay.
My kid got to class fashionably late with the lat of the teenagers.
I got to my doctors appointment and the back is alright.
Shout out my taxi driver. Gave him a good tip.
Re-started boiler and already have someone in to fix it next week because it isn’t broken but it isn’t normal the flame keep going out randomly.

Not stoked / Stoked.
Got to see the glass half full.


Super not stoked…idiot move on my part, axle to the lens

If anyone knows of anyone selling a front element or the lens its self (mk1) OR has one themselves. Hit me up. I’ll not only obviously part with £££ but also provide a P Mayn Patented Beer Token 4 Lyfe.

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Hit up Brownie on Insta @vxdoc



How deep is that?

Ouch. I can feel that like fucking DEEP shinner.

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Big enough to not get away with the Sharpie trick?

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Doubt it. It looks like someone shot it with a proper pellet haha. Worth a try though.


Deep enough to also feel it break mah heart.


Cheers G. He has one, but not on him (as he’s stuck in Germany due to COVID). I’ve hit up resellers and Schneider directly. Cost isn’t an issue, just trying to source a lens at the moment.

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I’ve always wondered if you could use the windscreen chip repair stuff on that.
Probably absolutely not because it’s a lens.
Would be a good experiment if anyone had a mate in the trade .

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I got this front element and another I could try things like that. Be interesting if it doesn’t wreck the UV filter.

Would it have some form of UV protection as it’s used on windscreens ? Probably what stops it from clouding up over the years .

Aye, could do yeah.

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