Not Stoked.

Our house sale has fallen through at the last minute and we will miss the stamp duty cut off and probably the house we’re trying to buy.

Absolute fucking nightmare.

Aw shit mate, feel for you. We’re mid process waiting for the upwards chain and it feels like everything is in a knife edge.

It’s fucked. Going to maybe rent out our place and then rent a house whilst we save for a deposit on new place.

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Shit man that sucks. Hope you find something sooner rather than later

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Shitters. Try not to stress it and remember it will turn into a positive

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Nightmare, had similar buying our second home and we had first timers buying ours. The whole process is super stressful, but hopefully things will work out for you.

Wank. Sorry to hear that, hope you get some kind of resolution

At least I get a Tesla in under 2 weeks and have a job, house, family, you guys.

Could be worse.


That’s the spirit! Still a right annoying pisser when house sales don’t go well, though.

Supposed to have my final exam next week. Have developed some kind of repetitive strain injury in the last few weeks in my arm/elbow from writing so much which is progressively getting worse and making it impossible to hold a pen. Going to have apply to the university for mitigating circumstances and hopefully sit it at the end of summer instead, but basically it means I’ll have it hanging over me all summer.

could you ask to do it on a computer? any easier?

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what @niallc said. in most of these circumstances they’ll let you do it on a computer. i sprained my wrist skating at uni and they let me do an exam on a laptop (that they provided, they keyboard sucked but at least i didn’t have to hold a pen)

Might be able to do the old voice to text thing on a computer as well, at least you will be able to get the meat of it down and you can just go through and correct any mistakes etc rather than writing out the whole thing

It seems quite rigidly determined to be done on paper it seems as everything is remote. Thing is, I still need to fully prepare for the exam itself and that’s quite difficult without being able to hold a pen in the first place - even if I could do the exam vocally or on a computer, it’s quite difficult to switch to that when I’ve been learning through pen and paper all this time.

It’s very mathematical/graph based so it’s quite difficult to translate that to words too.

Tbh, overnight I’ve become more worried about the bigger picture - that it’s not just RSI/tendonitis - that it’s focal dystonia which is a much much bigger problem. Waiting for my GP to call me today.

Edit - just been on the phone to the GP and going to get seen shortly. Somewhat relieving I get to see someone at least.

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I work at a university. Your institution is required to make necessary adjustments to accommodate your needs. Obviously that could take a number of different forms, one of which might be deferring the exam, which won’t stop it hanging over you unfortunately.

Make sure you get something from your GP by way of evidence just in case they require it.

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Thank you. Yep I’ve applied to defer the exam until August. In a way the main problem is not being able to prepare for it rather than the actual exam itself (which I feel on the day I could work through the pain by loading up on valium or diclofenac or something).

I’ve basically stopped writing over the last 5 days and it’s become much much worse.

Just got home from Cornwall - a journey that usually takes about 4 hours took 9…

On the plus side I went to Cornwall so not all bad!


I’ve had some real nightmare drives to that part of the world down the years, love it there though.

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Just walked 30 minutes for the worst tacos I’ve ever had. What a huge disappointment.

I know there’s good Mexican food in London but I miss California where you can get the good shit literally everywhere


Ha. Curious, where did you go to? Yeah we have utterly shite Mexican food here. You’re so right - it’s everywhere in the west coast of the US and it’s usually amazing. Fish tacos in San Diego… :drooling_face:

Also, if you can recommend some half decent Mexican food here I’d be grateful. The best/most authentic I’ve had has been either Corazon on Poland St in Soho, or Mestizo on the Hampstead Road near Euston station. Both are pretty forgettable compared with anything I’ve had in California though.


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