Not Stoked.

I’ve been in a few times with undiagnosable heart stuff, palpitations, pains, irregular beats. The ecg always came back inconclusive cos unless it’s happening there and then it won’t find anything. Maybe ask if they’ll do a heart monitor you wear for a few days to check for longer period? Hope you get sorted.

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Hopefully it’s nothing to be worried about!

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Cheers all, Im home, all tests clear just dehydrated and tired apparently. So that’s good.


Phew, nice one. Best be safe than sorry. Good to hear :+1:

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Letter ‘v’ on my laptop keyboard has stopped working. Which is incredibly annoying especially if you use keyboard shortcuts for paste a lot. Which I do. Or if you are searching for fixes and your laptop is a Lenoo



And if you are wondering how I do it I look for one in preious text and copy paste it with my mouse, or use the on screen keyboard.

SO annoying. Just ordered a new keyboard so that’s another 50 quid down the drain. And yes I hae tried remoing key and cleaning etc


Agreed, currently typing this from the waiting room to distract myself from the massive bag of fucking nerves I’ve become.

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you’re all good. if it becomes a lot try and clear your mind and concentrate on breathing - slow it down, count between breaths. try and imagine how weird it would be to ally oop backside 180 nosegrind (approaching backside)

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christ the concept of that’s rattled me more than pre/post vaccine nerves

see! works every time! the other one i try to imagine is front shove front fifty. i can’t wrap my head around how the fuck that would work (curbs don’t count for these tricks imo)

if there’s one thing i’ve never fathomed it’s mid pop out tricks that are alley ooped, ie back 5050 fs 180, back 5-0 front shove. i’ve done some shoddy front 5050 back 180s that were 90% pivot and that’s as close as i’ll get.

oh ditto. pivot as fuck on any of those tricks. @franc seems particularly adept at doing them properly. maybe he can give us all a masterclass one day

I did a bs 180 out of a fs slappy first go. Ask @snurp and @niallc they saw it. It was shit but I did it



Frontside 5050 backside ollie out mid-ledge: scoop your backside ollie instead of popping it too much (like Kenny Anderson on flatground, you know) and try to go as far from the ledge as you can.
Backside 5050 frontside ollie out mid-ledge: pop your ollie out of the grind kind of straight then once you’re in the air start rotating.
Frontside 5-0 backside shove-out mid-ledge: never done this one properly but torquing the 5-0 definitely helps. Put pressure on your back foot toe so the board won’t flip.
Back 5-0 front shove mid-ledge: I should call Mystic Meg to get this one.


i’ve noticed the shape/style of ledge really has an affect on these as well. curvy ledges seem much easier to get the rotation better. i definitely pivot them more on fully straight angled ledges. waxy ones are easier too obviously

Somehow misplaced drivers license, already and i’m trying to insure car.

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Saw it and it wasn’t even that shit

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yea it definitely could have been worse


What a statement.

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£1,400 worth of work on my car to keep it roadworthy. :pensive:


Heading to Carmarthenshire on Tuesday for a week of scenic landscapes and amazing beaches.

And it’s pissing it down all week…

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