Not Stoked.

To be fair I’d had a few by then…

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Birthday yesterday, two punctured tyres on the motor today. Birthday dosh, easy come easy go :man_shrugging:t3:


Dickhead over here spent all morning welding in a t-shirt and I’ve got a lovely burnt arm now like I’ve been asleep in the sun.

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Just one arm? Tell people you saw a UFO and it only sunburnt you on one side, like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Trucker tan.

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yea just the one, looks really classy

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Anyone got experience of living under a flight path? Looks like the shady bastards in the council have snuck it through so there’s going to be the Luton holding pattern flying in a corridor over my town. Wife is freaking

Lived in Windsor which was ~13 miles from Heathrow. You get used to it, when I first moved down there it would keep you awake at night. It eventually just became background noise. I’ve also lived with a railway line near the back of my house but the trains were less frequent.

I lived in Isleworth and Richmond about 30 years ago, so got the Heathrow traffic.When I first moved there I’d spend a lot of time looking up and I’d stop mid conversation to let planes fly over before continuing. The planes also used to stack when waiting for runway space and circle about which was initially annoying. Like @h_palmer627 said, you get used to it after a bit. Well, apart from when Concorde flew over my house and banged the flaps up, that used to be a wake up call that I never got accustomed to.

I used to live really near a (quite shite) airport and I think I missed the sound of planes when I moved out.

Only problem was when the military used it with their screaming jets. That was quite often because it’s such a long runway and it points out to sea.

I’ll be able to sleep through it but shes worried about the bairns and the health impacts and the noise. Currently researching triple glazing, shes on Rightmove which I really dont want because theres fuck all places in this cojntry that won’t have either a train, plane or motorway next to it and I dont want to mover around every year when they shift the flight paths again

How close are you? And will the be landing or taking off above you? I work really close to East Midlands Airport and its not too bad as we are pretty much parallel to the flight path. However, a couple of villages over gets all the landing planes blasting over.

Also you might find a James Bond villain in your back garden some day. Or a big ice cube made of piss.

Theyre funnelling all arrivals through a corridor that we’re in. Around 6-8,000 ft above but no idea what that sounds like





Kid wakes up at 6:30am. Convinced him to go back to sleep in our bed.
Wakes up again at 7:30am and has peed the bed.
I get up to clean the kid and give him clean clothes.
Meanwhile wife switches sides to take my “drier” side.


I’ve done a job as a favour for a friend which we’d take on a couple of days a week which has turned to being moaned at because I work to much…which isn’t really true as I’m around for those couple of days a week as promised. The issue is that he is just so chaotic he can’t commit to the times I am around (Which are the same, almost every week) until ten minutes before he wants to meet up, it seems…or rings me to work ‘right now’ most times he knows I am doing my actual job that day.

Anyhow, this has over-run by months now due to how disorganised he is, but whilst he was up front that it won’t be a big earner, I’d get paid and should be happy. That’s the favour bit, really. And I sort of put up with the madness as I knew I was helping him out.

As far as getting paid and being happy with it…What I’ve been offered now it is done works out to just under a tenner a day which wouldn’t even cover food and fuel.

Pretty gutted, to be honest. It does feel like a bit of an insult and I’m not in a position to really ask for more as he hasn’t got it, but theres definitely a case of being led on.

All I can think is how many days I could have gone skating, hung with mates or my daughter…


-EDIT: Couple of snoopers have DM’ed me for dirt. There isn’t any…it’s not a skate project. Sorry. x


Similar to @Scurbrampwoody used to live in Isleworth/Osterly. Planes were so low there you could almost see people in the windows. Noise started early in the morning and went late into the night. You very quickly become accustomed to it

I lived next to Hangar Lane gyratory in West London for decades. You get used to any noise

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