Not Stoked.

Had her on mute for about 3 years and turned it off about 2 weeks ago as I felt guilty I might miss her getting married or having babies as we were together ages and still chat now and again.

Back onto mute she goes


Sounds like you had the right outcome

You miss her yeah?

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Hell no!

I want to see new husbands forced smile.


My wife has taken my laptop into her work. She’s an hours drive away.


Stoked. Day off work!

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Just feeling fucking fucked at the moment. Super stressed with house move fuckery (will we? Won’t we? Who knows! It’s only been six fucking months and we don’t know if we’re moving next week or the whole thing is just going to fall apart), but trying to keep it level because I know the Mrs is feeling it worse than me and trying not to stress the littlun out.

I really need to go out for a run or something but it’s pissing down and I’m struggling to find the energy to walk up the stairs, I’ve not been sleeping properly for the last week and had a super busy weekend helping a mate move (oh the irony). Normally we take it in turns to get the littlun up at half six but the last few weeks I’ve been doing every day to help out the Mrs and because I’ve been awake since 3am anyway.

Haven’t had a holiday since last October and it’s looking like we’re going to have to miss the trip to the Lakes we have booked next week on the off chance the house move might possibly happen. Worth it if it does, but more likely we’ll stay at home and it’ll all fuck up anyway.

Just fucking done with this now. Need it to be finished so we can move on one way or another.

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It will work out. Always good to try and remember not to stress too much over things you can’t control. Feel for you, went through it in the middle of lockdown last year, moved 3 months late, mrs’s dad passed away right in the middle of the move. Nightmare. Got through it though. New place will make it all worth it


Ah shit man, that sounds awful. Glad it worked out for you, I remember seeing pics of your new place, looks amazing.

It really could go either way at the moment, our buyer is gonna pull out at the end of Sept so it’s not looking hopeful. It’s just the feeling of powerlessness that really gets to me. Typical man, when something goes wrong I’m all about finding a solution, all we can do now is wait.

Plus Chris Hawkins is doing the afternoon slot on 6 Music. Thank fuck for Spotify.


Yep, all you can do is wait so try not to stress it. Easier said than done I know but counting your blessings really does help

Yeah for sure. Had an amazing weekend with the littlun (Yorkshire Sculpture Park, fairy doors, games in the garden…) making a real effort to make sure she’s living her best life even in the middle of everything, and that makes the best times for us too. Taking her mountain biking and gruffalo hunting at the weekend!

Just needed a rant I think, without stressing out the family more.


Yeah man you can handle it

Keep telling yourself…you can handle it

Wife is great at shit like this. She plans for every eventuality, so when the shit hits the fan, she already thought about what to do, with a clear head.


Four days into the new term and Ive got a bastard cold again. Feel like Ive only had about 2 months this year where Ive not been coughing and its about to start again.

Cock it

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I started a new job yesterday and woke up with a cold this morning. Was shit scared I’d get too sick to work later this week but I had the day off so I went skating this afternoon and sweated loads. Feeling better now.

Go do some slappies or even pop ollies if you want to recover. :wink:


I’ve got lot of warrant work tomorrow it’s been over two years since I last had to do it. Basically fitting prepayment meters in the homes of people who’ve stopped paying their bills. It’s a mixed bag, the majority of people are perpetually hopeless / unfortunate or they’re complete scum who can’t be responsible for themselves.

I whinge about all sorts of shit but I often forget how good I’ve really got it. Just a proper bummer fitting a meter whilst the occupant is screaming abuse at you or sat in squalor crying whilst umpteen kids climb the walls.


Had to have our 19 year old cat put down. She was an awesome, tiny little thing, so friendly. Except if you were a cat, she never had much time for them, just about tolerated her brother when he was alive. But she was a terrifying banshee who would just run full pelt, maximum attack mode at any cats however big stupid enough to go in her garden, never saw one do anything except turn tail and run.

When we adopted the other two idiots we have now she made it pretty clear she wanted nothing to do with them but Chomp just never gave up trying to be her friend and eventually somehow got under her skin and she’d let him curl up next to her and even give her ears a lick.

Anyway RIP Fid, we’re all gonna miss you.


19! Well done that cat. Rip your fur friend. Sounds like a good buddy

Sorry dude, losing a pet sucks, can’t imagine what losing one thats been around nearly 20 years would be like, I was devastated when we had ours put down at 2.

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