Not Stoked.

Ah sorry mate. RIP Fid

Sorry to hear this man.
Have a glass of nice whisky in honour of her.
RIP Fid.

Baby has a cold/teething so Ive been up since 3AM. Not stoked at all

How am I in a relationship where Iā€™m not the moody one?!
This is clearly karma for all my miserable years.

This might have been mentioned already. Sad news that he passed. RIP. Comedian Norm Macdonald dies at 61 from cancer - BBC News One of the best

Stepped barefoot in cat sick this morning.


Commiserations. I can still smell the warm diarrhoea our dog used to leave on the landing when he went incontinent in his old age.


Better that stepping on a dead bird your cat brought back as a present during the night. Last time it made this horrible noise and that was the first thing that happened to me that day, straight out of bed. :man_shrugging:

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Not sure why I read that while having breakfast. Damn.

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