Not Stoked.

Had to pop my mate’s knee back in place earlier on today. Pure bad sideways number that looked like if Joseph Merrick was a knee. The noise it made when it went back in was mental and the guy at the front desk looked ill after helping out and hearing it. We did get a free session pass next time at loading bay as our skate was cut short but it will some time before he is skating again I think.


Got a phonecall from a customer I put a gas meter in for the other week they were complaining about a strong smell of gas in their garage. I was shitting it, I drove an hour out if my way to fault find and see if I’d actually left a lack and quietly sort it out and not lose my gas license.
Properly running through all the horrible scenarios of losing my job.

When I get there the customer had already figured out it was nothing to do with me and his grandson had been playing with a valve on a calor gas bottle for a portable fire that was in the garage.

His grandson being six thought this was hilarious and I honestly could have strangled the bastard.


do you get to charge a call-out fee for that?

No I work for a large company but then any gas engineer is gonna rush back to make sure they haven’t done anything wrong, I was just happy there was no issue with my work. Leaving a gas escape at a property can result in HSE crawling all over you and losing your license, and a major critical incident can mean you’ll never work in the industry again.

Now if I had actually left a leak and I can rectify it before theres a formal investigation so it won’t be picked up then fine. Really the only way your going to leave a leak is if your not testing properly or following procedure you document all of this so that in the event of escape you can prove you were working to standards so something like not having a union tightened all the way home in a pipe won’t mean youll lose your licence or job.


My brother just admitted he voted Tory at the last election. Fucks sake.

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The smoke alarm in the flat next door is doing that single, intermittent low-battery chirp and I can hear it through the wall and it’s driving me insane.


He must be shunned

Set their house on fire.

Chuck a 9v Duracell through the window

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Ouch …

It gets worse. My Dad wasn’t surprised or annoyed when I told him. I think he might be a closet gammon too. I can’t even get into it with them cos I’ll lose my shit.

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Got done for doing 38 in a 30. Balls.


S’alright I’m waiting to hear back for my punishment for 56 in a 40.

Fellow speeders unite.

Disclaimer, I was going from national speed limit to 40. Got done first lay-by after the speed limit changed.

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Think it’s inevitable. And a fine too. Not sure how much.

Insurance premiums up now. Fucks sake. It’s a wide open country road… 40 feels slow on it. Gah!

I think if it was 35 I might get the awareness course.

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My step brother got done 57 in a 40.

He got £100 fine and 3 points.

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36, I think. Isn’t it 10% plus three?

Fuck points, you should be able to pay to not get them. Then only rich people in sports car would speed.

Wait maybe not. Fuck points though. Stinker.


I believe the 10% thing is a myth. You really can get done for doing 31 by the looks of it.

I want to do the course. Really don’t want the points.


If you get to go on a speed awareness course, you don’t have to declare it on insurance.


They’re also via Zoom at the moment.

Or so I’m told.


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