Not Stoked.

Are you in a position to be able to just take it easy and pretend you have nothing to do? Sucks having kids to deal with, no days off there.

Urmmmmm not really. Like you say kids etc but I’ll chill where I can

I’ve had the same for about 10 days now. No shit’s though, just cramps and nausea . Well annoying.

How’s it going?

Got a new massive laser cutter in work that has a carbon filter system which apparently filters all the nasty bits that come out of it and vents the clean air back in the room, it still smells a bit though so I was working with a student on Thursday and saying to her that you can still smell smoke I thought, she said she couldn’t but she hasn’t been able to smell anything for a few days, but it’s probably nothing because all her friends lost theirs too and are ok. So now I’m testing like it’s going out of style, idiot.


All good so far thanks! PCR was also positive. I have the same cold that I’ve had for two weeks or so. Stuffy nose. That’s it really. Only silver lining is its too wet to skate at the moment anyway so I’m not missing much

How y’all doing?

Skateboarders now comparing covid situation to the Holocaust on Instagram smh.

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Seen a lot of this recently. The mind boggles, stupid cunnts

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It doesn’t make me hate them, there’s a reason they like to think that way and I’m not a psychologist so can’t explain it.

Its just sad and there’s no getting through once they’ve gone too deep down that path/hole.

I’m sympathetic to an extent but it’s painful to see.

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