Not Stoked.

I had 3 vaccinations but still caught it. I had mild symptoms for a week or so - a bit like a cold - but I tested positive for about 3 weeks. My wife and youngest daughter had quite bad symptoms for a couple of weeks.

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I think I had symptoms for 12 days then mild symptoms for 2 or 3 days. Felt a bit weak during the following weeks. That was before any vaccines existed.

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Same here, I’ve got 3 jabs and this is the first time I’ve caught it. My wife and son had it 3 months ago but I somehow avoided it.

So far I’m having shivers and high temperature, body aches, buckets of phlegm, headaches and the need to piss every 30 mins or so… but I am drinking a fair amount due to being a mouthbreather thanks to my blocked nostrils.


Sounds like mine, except I had a horrible cough but no headaches. Plus I completely lost my appetite (but kept my sense of taste) and weirdly got ulcers on my gums as well - most likely from my immune system saying fuck it

I have this too. It’s only been two days, but I feel like eating now and again and manage to get a little bit down.
@Bish would be proud of me, I managed to eat some beans on toast this lunchtime.

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