Not Stoked.

Jesus this is so sad. RIP.

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35, chirst. Remember his Ride to Sky part @ForwardMotion the premier in the Brickworks with Pullman when he worked for Blackbox.


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I binged a bunch of his parts today, he was such a well rounded skater. Tech but also burly. Such a shame.

Who knows, perhaps this may lead to a wider conversation about CTE in skateboarding. Thinking of notable head hits, Arto, Templeton, kids literally every other week on Hall of Meat. It’s probably overdue.


Yeah man, that was a banging spot to have a prem. His part was so sick, caught everyone off guard.

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Remember Temp speaking about all of his concussions in an article 15 or so years ago, not a clue which mag though

Hope you gave him another one for being a grass.

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^ Eh?!

Yeah tell me more please love a bit of goss :handbag:

Potentially have shingles.

I had it years ago, wiped me out for about a week and I still have a weird bubbly scar in the middle of my back.

Side note, I was visiting my parents when I came down with it and my mum made me come with her to the chemist to ask the pharmacist if they had anything for it and announced Infront of a fairly busy shop of old people ‘can someone take a look at his rash?’


OOF ha!

I don’t feel bad particularly but the rash on my back suggests nothing but shingles really. I have felt really achey past few days but just put it down to having a skate for the first time in months. I hope that is due to beeing poorly as the reality of being that achey after a mellow skate is/was kinda depressing.

Had it about 10 years ago. Wiped out for a week with flu-y symptoms and not allowed into work. Fine since then.

Yea I remember the aches and just no energy, other than that fine

This is promising, cheers!
Hopefully next skate i’ll have more energy and won’t feel like i’ve jumped down 15 stairs 20 times afterwards when in reality I stuck on a small tailslide on a 10" high box and tumbled forwards and did a little rolypoly.

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Absolutely annihilated my little toe kickboxing today, clipping it off the corner of a large shield pad. The odd part is that the little toe feel immoblile, but the one next to it feels the pain.

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Ouch. Hope it’ll get better soon.

I’ve been doing well lately. About a month and a half ago, I dropped a massive stone slab on my foot while gardening. 2 weeks later, as soon as I was feeling ok, I hit a guitar case walking barefoot and really hurt one of my toes. This morning I slipped on a wet stone and managed to sprain my wrist. Got to wear a splint and chill for a minute said the doctor. Nothing too bad, I just wish I stopped hurting myself stupidly doing everyday tasks. Oh well, skating again in a week apparently.


Little toe is the colour of blueberries, with comedy secondary discolouration over the rest of my toes, lovely stuff!

All that is properly lame shit to happen, nothing you can do about it!


Three months on the wagon and a month off any added sugar and I should be feeling like a million bucks but instead it’s like my body is on strike until I misbehave again:

Left shoulder - rotator cuff issue
Left wrist - can’t put any weight on it for last 2 months after overdoing training, feels broken
Right elbow - tennis elbow
Lower back - low level sciatica
Both knees - tendons tweak under any real weight
Right Achilles - sore every morning
Right little toe - stubbed it and it’s black

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It is what it is, no big deal really.

Yeah my toe looked well tie-dye/Purple Haze too, and the nail on it is about to fall off now I think. Whatever.
Good luck with yours!