Not Stoked.

Rob Burrows RIP. Not any kind of rugby fan but it’s so sad to see a young guy go so early. Can’t imagine how his wife and kids are feeling.


Pretty sure i’m splitting up with my GF. We had an amazing 3 years and I wanted more from it but there were always realities and obstacles from the start that we knew we’d have to address and now is the time they need to be dealt with. Immovable parts of life are starting to get in the way and are making the future looks incompatible.


Barf will come back. Don’t worry.

Truthfully, sorry to hear that.

Bumped into something (my bed, as if it’s not big enough, could have seen it, seriously), hit a toe nail pretty brutally, the thing is now fully cracked all the way to the matrix.
Think you’re clumsy? It’s the third time I destroy a nail to the point where it’s falling off my (literally) bloody right foot this year.

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I did this to my toenails playing football in slightly ill fitting shoes. Took about 8/10 weeks to drop off:

Contains hanging toenails:

Both are dead but only one side has dropped off yet.

Ahhhh how do I re-blur that!? Oh no the photo is even bigger!!! Ahhh!

I was going to post my transplant scar a little bit ago maybe not, haha.


Noped out of that one :joy:


eat it


I saw a tiny chunk of toenail in a geeky music vid I made - had to go deep into youtube editing to work out how to add one of those little blurred out spots. Worked well

Lovely, good effort, I appreciate your dedication. :heart:

I put a bandage around my newly fucked up toenail but I’ll try to take a pic of my whole foot later if I think about it.

I suppose I could set up a OnlyFans thing for weirdos. I’m gonna go out and buy sweets feeling super gnarly listening to the Rambo theme or something before that though.

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In gross stuff my mate has degloved his finger and it is teeeeeeerrible

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How did he manage that?!? And I’ll take your word, no proof necessary thanks.

Climbing over a fence to get a football, slipped and his wedding ring caught on the fence and took all his finger meat off.

Had the choice to amputate or try and salvage it and to be honest id have lopped it off because it looks like he’s got a wet potato stuck onto his hand and he can do fuck all with it. He had it stitched into his stomach for 4 weeks.

Absolute horrorshow

Holy shit that’s horrific.

Family member lost theirs doing the classic ‘referee jumping up to hang the net onto the goalpost’ manoeuvre pre-match. Ring caught, finger came clean off and couldn’t be saved.


Oh Jesus, I did a first aid course last year and they went in to degloving, namely caused by rings. Instant shudders and images you can’t unsee.

I also have a signet ring that is too big for me, I once got it caught on a door handle when I closed a door. It caused so much pain I was surprised to see my whole finger still attached when I looked down.
Haven’t worn it since.

Fucking hell, caught my wedding ring a couple of times and live in fear of this happening. Might get divorced just to be on the safe side.


Lad I used to work with got his finger caught in his motor bike chain and had the tip taken off.

Mechanic I worked with managed to burn his ring onto his finger whilst reaching shoulder deep into an engine compartment

Is it safer to just wear a cock ring?


Not only safer. Also more stylish.