Not Stoked.

I’m tempted to quit or break my work partnership. It’s been good over the years but after this issue with my partners mate (he’s not been in to beat me up yet) I can just see this thing going south.
I need to look at some figures and see if I can make things work going solo and just doing simple print jobs from home.

Maybe I deserve it for using dodgy websites to find independent skate shops.

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They in Kettering right?

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What do you need mate?

Illicit are 100% legit btw Trav is just horrendously busy doing skate lessons for Northants council atm so may be a tad longer than usual replying!


The weather is perking up nicely which means the family of 12 that back across from us will be out every day and night in their garden.

They don’t talk. They shout. The mother has an incessant laugh like a braying donkey and it never fails to to annoy the piss out of me, I’ve just let the dog out at 11pm and they’re still out there. I’ve honestly only had a dozen occasions over the past 5 years where I’ve enjoyed sitting in my garden without having to listen to them.


House next door has 4 kids, house next to them has 3 and a mother that communicates in screams, even ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ sounds like an attack. House over the back has screaming Swifties.
Every year I think ‘this year I’ll sort the garden out’ but fuck spending out to sit in the most non-relaxing environment known to man.


The dream


Hope you’re doing ok, is it fairly mild?

Stock up on vit d people

Hell is other people


I’m convinced you live by me.


All sorted. Sounds like he’s got his hands full at the moment.

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Tried to replace the seal on our washing machine. Bought the part and after a quick scan of a few YouTube tutorials I told the wife I’d have it done in 10 mins. 3hrs later the fucking thing is still not fitted and my sanity has been pushed to its fullest edge. Fuck that washing machine! I’m washing my clothes in the canal from now on!