Not Stoked.

Looking for a positive here at all, I got my kids to meet with their great Grandmother.
I know that kids of a young age remember such odd things.
As an example , I met my only living Great Grandparent when I was really young.
She was in a hospital, confusing her fingers with her toes. As a kid I found that funny. Clear as day I remember the whole thing and I was probably only 2 or 3.
So back to the original point, i trust that my little fellas might have the memory of meeting a great Grandparent.
Worryingly, the eldest has missed mormor (swedish for grandmother) but hasn’t asked where she is.

Brutal. Lots of things in the news about this happening in Italy, it’s so tragic, sorry to hear about that Forward

Sorry to hear that @Chopper. :tiger: :heart: :broken_heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Fuc… Sorry to hear this. My wife just started her treatment and has to visit the hospital today and monday. Fel really bad for your family. Now I’m a bit stressed for my wife.

Ah man so sorry bud

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Man- so rough, sorry mate. Feels like we’re all gonna reading alot of bad news on here in the next few weeks/months

A friend of my mrs had been going in for chemo, she said they have that part totally sectioned off and that she felt re-assured by the measures they were doing. Prob much safer than the supermarket tbh

He was in there before any measures were brought in so try not to worry

Cheers Jagger, it felt real when work closed, but now it feels on my door step.

Heard this morning he had been moved a few times in the last 3 weeks but everyone who has been in contact with him in the last week or something has tested all clear, so it shows they got thier stuff together in the hospitals so I wouldn’t even worry.


Just found out 2/3rds of my work are being put on paid leave for 2 months (me being one of them), and 100% of staff are being asked to take a 20% pay cut for 5 months.

I’m in the process of trying to buy a flat, this is going to potentially fuck everything up.

It’s these kind of timelines that are so worrying. Rather than the usual, “It’ll be over soon” thinking.

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I’d say it was a realistic timeline more than anything

Deffo realistic, I fully don’t know when I will be working again. Still got shows in June, July and August that haven’t been cancelled but I see them all being postponed.

Still having jobs with a 20% pay cut is pretty fucking good going, if I was boss I’d tell them to kick rocks if they didn’t like it


It’s better than some people are getting that’s for sure. My worry is if I tell my bank they’ll take back the mortgage offer (I wouldn’t have been offered it in an 80% salary, however, I could still afford to pay it). So I could keep quiet and hope it all works out in 5 months.

The risk being, I job doesn’t recover (who really knows), I get made redundant and then my insurance doesn’t pay out because I didn’t tell them of the issues with the employer.

It sucks that you have a reason for needing full pay but everyone on 80% pay is fine as most people are doing nothing, not needing petrol, not going out for drink and food, you’re just buying food for home so many might find that they have saved some money up. Possibly. Others will just get fat and become alcoholics.

I’ve bought about a year’s worth of cool stuff / utter crap in the last two weeks. And now I’ve been paid so I’m going to keep doing it.


I guess ebay is still working fine, just wipe down your goods when they arrive.

Ordered my guitar parts and a wall mounting bracket for the gym shed space.
That’s a few tinkering jobs that will fill a little time when they arrive.

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Weighing up some air pods.
Would be handy, but in this economy!?

Do not do it, they suck and you will look like a Uber eats driver who wears them 24/7 like pat butcher earrings


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