Not Stoked.

This basic bitch shit is catching:

It’s pleasant enough and fast and all but it’s just a noselide. :man_shrugging:

Nahhh that was way better than the switch flip back tail or the nose slide nose manny. THIS was a genuine throwaway clip, not some bullshit that shouldn’t have made it to IG


Just a nose slide…

The landing added something at least, it looked fun landing into that at full speed.


Looked amazing


genuinely a lovely clip that, going fast and makes a belting noise

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They’re claiming pop out.
I see speed and control more like.

I think some companies forget some of us were old enough to watch Drake Jones and Rob Welsh do proper pop outs.


Ugh the Welsh one was Buszy is nuts. How the fuck do you pop that far when there is nothing to pop. Always loved the Drake Jones one on that white ledge with the fence, he fucking levitates

Edit this one


That’s a pop out.

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Made the most stunningly beautiful loaf of sourdough bread I’ve ever made. I was so stoked. Dropped it in a sink full of water when I took it out of the dish. I actually want to cry.


Bung it back in the oven?

Did that the another night with my dinner. Long.

Just been to Sainsbury’s. I was the only one wearing a mask, including all the staff who didn’t even have gloves on.

I guess everyone’s just gone back to normal

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dog had a lump on her head, took her to the vets and it wasn’t a lump it was just a big clump of matted hair. shaving that (literally checked it and shaved it within a minute) and draining her anal glands somehow totalled £47. booked in to be sedated and have her ears plucked in july too.

damn shihtzus.

mine broke a claw running around and the vet charged us £52 to cut the dangley bit off.

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in the reception


normally the prices at ours are pretty reasonable but i know anal gland draining alone is £10 so i’m not sure how on earth they came up with £37 to shave the tiniest bit of hair off. god knows how much it’ll be for the sedation and ear plucking.

In my experience it costs £35 to put your pet on the table to let the vet have a look. Then everything is charged on top of that.

wtf is an anal gland


And how when reporting a lump on the head did he get to looking at your dog’s arse?
Does he not know which end is which?


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