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Issue partly lies with schools and nurseries, who have to be careful which is understandable but it’s so common for them to get colds. My two year old had a temperature on Thursday, test on Friday that was inconclusive so had another on Monday with no results yet. They won’t let her back until they get a confirmed negative so in the meantime we’re all at home. I’m a teacher and her sister is in year 1. My wife has had a temperature all last night and today but can’t get a test so the only option appears to be that nobody leaves the house.

Edit: sounds a bit like I’m blaming schools which I’m not. None of this would be an issue if the testing system actually worked.

no i get you. everyone has a bad cold, symptoms are so similar to listed covid symptoms so kids keep getting sent home. we’re on our fifth “suspected covid” letter because of this cold - no one has tested positive yet

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We kept our son off of school yesterday because of a cold.
The message my wife left for the school was vague so I called later to confirm that it’s nothing more than a cold.
There’s, as is normal at this time of year, lots of kids who have it.
The school have been really good though and are not in a state of panic over it.
He went back today seemingly all fine again.
Youngest now though has been a snot box today and has a temperature.
The snots is a clear sign that it’s the same cold just affecting him more heavily than it did the eldest.

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That seems pretty unusual that they’re letting them back like that, everyone I know who’s kids have had even minor sniffles have been taken out of school and told to get a test. Is youngest younger than school age?
Looks like test results are late, they said two days but the genius friend of the mrs who discovered the QR code loophole had theirs the day before us and are now past the 48 hours that they said they’d have them by and have been told it will be tomorrow earliest. That put’s us on Friday minimum now. I need to go to work!


If testing isn’t gonna improve till end of October it’s gonna be a rough time for parents

Kids are being proper mentalists today, bless em. Going stir crazy like it’s April again

Our eldest starting school has mellowed things out a little at home thankfully. She started reception on Monday, total cluster fuck at the school gate. Nobody seem to take charge or know what’s going on, but today it seemed to go more smoothly. Get the kids in and out as they arrive rather then waiting for the allocated time for each particular class to go in. Fingers crossed you can get your results or something else sorted.

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How’s yours doing now?

Bit better, temp has gone down but still coughing and wheezing

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Ah man, hope they’ll be better soon

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back to solo sessions

All because that super spreader Cummings wanted to celebrate his wife’s birthday in Country Durham! I mean check his eye sight! I can’t see us being on the list, pretty low here.

Starting uni work properly tomorrow, albeit part-time, and thought I’d have a look at what we’re going to be discussing.

This is honestly in the introduction of what I need to read:

I am well aware that there is nothing more perilous than an after-dinner keynote, since the speaker is supposed to entertain the audience with witty anecdotes. I have chosen another tack: To make it more memorable, I decided to make it as earnest and as boring as possible.”


Is that a joke? And if it is, is it funny?

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Little guy negative finally out the house again


Whoop hope he gets better soon boss!

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:fire::fire::fire: So it’s just a mega cold then?


Glad to hear it!

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