Not Stoked.

Don’t want to hear the gruesome details, but what’s been going on to have all that happen?

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Fucking legend. You’ve had a tough year but you’ll get through it boss :facepunch:t2:

Thought I’d mention that when Blinky broke his arm, he got back up again and got the trick! It wasn’t until a couple of days later he text me to say his arm broken haha. Beast!

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Jesus what a tough one, hang in there blinks

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Thanks everyone! It’s been a tough one for sure to keep thinking positively about skating after it seems like so much bad luck. Again, only one of the slams was an actual slam and the others were just freak accidents. This ankle was just stepping off and rolling it on a curb. I hadn’t been to hospital for over 3 years until this year, so I’m hoping that’s my injuries out the way for another three years haha. This ankle fucking sucks though for sure. Going to get proper physio sorted and read a lot of books and try look after my mental health more during this time too through winter and hopefully come back stronger.


Time to take some photos and make something rad.


Well it’s a good time to do some staying in.

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Just got a dressing gown from TKmaxx for £12.

Lounge life.


Just invested in joggers for the first time since I was a kid. So good. Might get a sleeved blanket next.

Just in time

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Get a snuggie!

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Not very stoked on everybody (including me) saying “actually” all the time. Hope it’s not the new “literally”.

‘All of a sudden’.

Go on, what’s half of a sudden?

The word ‘suddenly’ is there for a reason.

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This is why I don’t drink until I’m done skating.

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