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This is what the internet was built for.

He certainly got away with some stinking looking tricks down the years and one of the most cringeworthy fashion change ups ever seen. Also, is cobra a nickname he chose for himself?

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Ive long maintained Id rather read a list of the tricks hes done than have to watch him do them


What actually happened with the El Toro backside flip thing? Did he claim he had done it? If he wrote a cheque he couldn’t cash then I guess it makes sense that was the point where his relevance dipped irreversibly.

I think he said to Jake Phelps that he had done it, and then other excuses etc. And no footage of him doing it came out.

I ended up liking Sheckler at the end. He had a mini series sponsored by red bull on YouTube and came across well in that.

He’s just a Cali skate rat who grew up at woodward and made a career out of going big.


Ah that’s the story is it? Yeah it’s one thing making big claims and not following through but telling the Thrasher ed you’ve done something you haven’t is gonna get you canceled :sweat_smile:

Told Phelps he did it.

No footy ever came out of a make but tbf there were some attempts at the end of the Plan B vid (But that footy is clearly well after his claim).

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Yeah ok that’s it. Damn he nailed his entire career to that trick I guess. Pretty crazy situation actually.

Didn’t he break both ankles at some X-Games real street event (or something like that) and that kind of fucked him up with getting it in time too? After the claim of course.

I seem to remember him haveing a pretty epic run at an Xgames Real Street event in Chicago I think?
Ollie off trucks and stuff…

This is at Dew Tour. Still pretty impressive.

Found it

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Timestamped… edit: age-restricted to see linked. At 2mins in.

That kickflip over the fence gap was a pretty big deal at the time. Says a lot about his career that it was so long ago and if you asked me to name 1 Shecks trick, that would still be the one I thought of.

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