Palace thread

Yeah but every company is doing crossover collabs these days. It’s just boring.

Looking at the crocs Instagram page - yeah there’s a crocs Instagram and it has 1.2million followers wtf - they have done loads of ‘influencer’ brand collabs.

Palace are just another one on the list it’s a constant stream.

If it’s that easy, how come the other companies aren’t growing at the same rate as Palace in the same time? I’m not a Palace fan boy, I couldn’t care less to be honest as it’s not my thing, but I still think he’s good at making money and growing the company. I don’t think I ever said it was creative genius.

Feels pretty low stakes for Palace and more of a benefit to Crocs. Easy money for both I guess.

They’ve just got to avoid diluting the brand by doing one too many collabs


I don’t think it’s easy, you need to get into the position where you’re an influencer and then you need to keep your audience happy whilst you undergo the process of selling out.

They’re good at making money and they know how business works but the collabs aspect is boring to me.

I still like the adverts though, they’re funny, and I like seeing new Palace clothes/graphic designs and videos and all that. Just not into collabs.


100% getting those crocs

I had the last ones and did my best at feeling confident wearing them and not giving a shit.
But you’re still in Morrisons wearing crocs.


I try not to judge people but when I see someone in crocs I automatically know that the person is a twat. I’ve only met one person wearing crocs who wasn’t a twat and that was an 80 year old guy wearing them on the allotment next to ours. He was using them as summer wellies (which I guess is what they’re designed for).
I’ll put wearing sliders when you’re not at the beach in the same category. If you’re wearing socks with them too I’m fairly sure there’s a special place in hell just for you.


I’ve been rocking plain black Crocs with socks all winter and I’m loving it and I don’t care.

Wearing them with the heel straps down is unacceptable though.


They look fucking awful so they must be comfortable as hell otherwise why bother?

Socks on heel straps down for me

Crocs are banging

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Yer my Mrs rocks em she’s not a twat. Jus saying

100% flexed socks and sliders this year.

This is also needs purchasing. Still so hyped on my cricket bat and for its first outing in the spring!

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I thought the heel straps were there so they stay on during sex


Gone in less than a minute

Fuck sake I’m at work taking product photos (on my own) fucking forgot fuck.

Lulz at this on the Palace ad on the back of the new Free


Ha, I actually associate that style more with Free:



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