Podcasts worth listening to

Hmm cool.

Not sure what to make of that?

Ishod’s kickflip front crook down the rail was perfect though.

Stoked on Wade Des Ormeaux being a total skate rat and a nerd in the best way possible in that recent Nine Club thing. He seems really sound.

Some good Penny stories in Josh Stewart’s Stop And Chat too.


Slam staff shout outs were rad.

For sure! I’m only halfway through it but it’s pretty good so far.
That nollie backside flip story is literally fantastic.

Little history of curb cuts (non skate) on 99PI just went up today:

And funnily enough my mam sent me this, good listen, Paul Rocker Robson talking about his triathlons with a brief chat about his skating:


Yeah that Josh Stewart ep was really good!

Magee needs to do a “People I’ve Known” asap

waves at Companion


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