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I suppose that’s 25% right, in a way.

Further reading at this valuable resource:


Justin was Welsh or u mean Sky Brown?

Always thought he was English. More that he’s not really known as being from the UK, Sky Brown is American(?), and Pritchard is much better known as a clown/chef than a skateboarder.

Top four could be all sorts of combinations, and it’s weird that Google, with all the hits and all the information, gives us these four.

I wouldn’t expect to see MF Doom listed under UK hip-hop, y’know?

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There’s only 7 English skateboarders in total apparently

How does it feel to be operating under the radar? The unseen. Skateboarding under cover of night. No one must know.


Can’t remember which thread (s) that skate house for sale is in but it features in a Netflix program called Amazing Interiors.
Final episode of first series.

Wonder who added Dan Joyce. Must be a big fan, knowing the name of his dog and all.

Huh, Brian Sumner wrote his own one too.

“Brian soon ended up repenting of his sins to Jesus Christ and becoming a Christian. Brian began sharing the Gospel of sin and repentance right away along with many other fellow skateboarders.”


Kingy told me he was accidentally present at Sumner being baptised on Huntington beach.

Getting dipped into the sea and all the bible loving skaters saying hallelujah.



Accidental @jamjar egg


Anyone know good places to buy larger knee pads? Trying to get back into skating bigger stuff and want to be able to slide out of bails but I can’t find any pads that would fit my fat knees.

Pretty hard to find good pads these days. Just had a look on Shiner’s B2B and they have no pads of any kind.
Can’t go wrong with these bad boys https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pro-Designed-Knee-Pads-Skate-BMX-Vert-90s-Reconditioned-Used-Heavy-Duty/264855616339?hash=item3daa9ffb53:g:5hwAAOSweRBfT~sN

I’ve just used my last tea bag and I cant walk to the shop! Shieeeeeeeeeeeet.

Just seen an add pop up for some urban scooter brand with another Penrose triangle logo.

I love you all!

Listen to The Pastels




I’m listening to NOFX’s book, ‘The Hepatitis bathtub and other stories’ on audio book.

It’s wild. If it was any other band I’d say the stories were too crazy to be real

Does it explain why they just released an album with Frank Turner in it!?!

So far it’s just covered drinking your girlfriends piss, getting into S&M, friends being murdered, heroin and fisting. I’m sure they’ll cover later career regrets further on in the book

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I want graphs Les!


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Update, I just listened to the Hepatitis bathtub story and tbh, they can get a pass for doing a track with Frank. Nothing is that bad in comparison

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