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Oh that’s good then.

Where do these delusions come from?

He’s going to have those on eBay for a lllllllong time

Reminds me of people who’d come into my old work and talking having original Beatles records. Like, from the time.

Some number-one record that only a few million other people even bought.

Old ≠ valuable.

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It’s the same as having the first press of Shania Twains massive selling debut. It does not matter whether it was first press, it’s still bargain bin stock.
I can understand First edition books because lots of the time things will be different, covers, edits etc but most music is pointless.
To be fair to those dudes, Th Beatles are sort of collectable and they did have rarer versions of certain releases but you’re right, there is too much of that way of thinking around for everything that is sort of oldish.

You take that back you philistine.

Don’t burn Shania like the please.

Doesn’t impress me much.


Ebay is the worst, its peoples own valuation of their own crap, take board resellers at the moment. A deck comes out and they have it up on ebay for twice or three times the price, and a lot of the time it’s still in the shops for original price rrp.

I share a birthday with Shania Twain

Fair, she was hot but she did dump her bloke who financed her whole career as soon as she made it so… fuck her.
Swap it for Savage Gardens debut album if it makes you feel better.

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He financed her being hot too… paid for the work.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 12.51.59

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yeah innit, she evil to the core.
Pretty sure he was a top dentist too.

Poor old Mutt


Mrs has a pair of Vans sk8 lo’s and realised she wears skate shoes more than I do.

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Anyone got any designs or tips for a homemade manual pad/steel edge curb? I’m thinking something I can drag out the garage easily onto the road outside the house but shift if cars come; maybe a metre wide by two metres long; soft steel edge on one side for grinds; six inches high? Wheels one end, handle the other for moving about?

I made this out of a load of scrap wood, roughly 25cm x 90cm x 2m a while back. Used scrap 20mm box mild steel on the edges. You should get a rough idea of how to make it from my pics.
Some say it could be over engineered with the 3x2 frame, but it’s solid as fuck, will last for years and can be re-clad if needed.
It now lives at the pioneer and is well used.
As for wheels, I’d get a sack barrow. It will be much easier than having wheels/castors screwed to the end.
If you do, have these (toolstation) attached right at the bottom/ground edge of the end so when you lift the other end, the wheels makes contact with the floor .


I built my first grind box ever using this last week. I just have to find a coping now. Looks solid so far. Can’t wait to skate it.

138 x 48 x 27 centimeters, so I can put it in my car and skate it in car parks or anywhere.

No wheels or handles, I’ll carry it as it is, it’s not that heavy.


Let me know if you need more info.


The amount of people on eBay that think just because a few people are asking a certain price, means that’s what it’s worth.
I’m looking for a second router at the moment, and loads are listed at £70, but when you go to completed listings, they are actually selling for half of that.

Price gouging. It’s dumb.

So surely you just make an offer for what you want to pay? Depop seems to have influenced eBay selling, with people listing a crazy prize in case some maniac wants to pay that, but ultimately being happy to sell it for, as you say, half the price.

It’s not price-gouging when they’re taking offers and selling for half the listed price. It’s just mindless optimism.

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