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I had a long stint in hospital 10 years ago and when I got out I never smoked or drank again (20 a day like you, and basically a piss head). I had cravings for both for a good two years.

Hard to believe it was so normal to smoke everywhere though. Imagine if someone was smoking at the next table in a restaurant now, or even sitting next to you on a plane!
I can vividly remember my junior school teacher chain smoking while keeping an eye on us at break time.

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I secretly smoked for the first 6 months of my relationship. God knows how I didn’t get caught and god knows why I didn’t tell her. Got engaged after 6 months and decided to quit as she hated fags and I didn’t wanna keep it from (still not told her what I’d been doing mind). Still have the odd one on the sly when pissed, and did have a couple of random lapses over the last 18 months. One for 4 days while in Portugal on trip to see wolves play in Europa league. Smoked like a trooper then. And also had a little random lapse about 6 months ago. No reason why. Maybe boredom with lockdown. Somehow kept it secret from my now wife then too…

Anyway - smoking is expensive now and that puts me off enough.

Is it still lovely if you go back to smoking after a long stint off, or does it just make you want to vom and you have to fight through it? Lol

It’s weird. If I smoke a normal tab I don’t like it and feel like that, but a roll up I can’t get enough of.

Quitting the first time was hard but now I seem to be able to turn it on and off at will and as a rule keep it off as the mrs hates it. If I wasn’t with her though I’d probably still smoke as I can’t pretend I do enjoy it. As dumb as it is.

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I’ve been off them about a year now, the odd time that I’ve tried it in that time I found it gross. But also lovely. The first hit is like when you spark up after a long haul flight or something. Instant headrush. But the taste is so gross that I can’t even finish one.

Also another pretty cool thing, my Mrs quit at the same time I did, and she looked at her resting heart rate over the year on her fitbit app and it’s steadily dropped about 10 BPM over the year. Can’t remember the exact number but it’s cool to see the proof that it makes you healthier!

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The smell of it is rank once you quit to be fair. And it only feels like a great idea after a few drinks. Beer garden with a few pints and a few tabs is the dream. Although the ultimate stink mode of a coffee and a fag was a good one… god I love smoking. Thank god I quit.


Explaining this to kids is cool to see their reaction to people smoking like chimneys wherever they could - was watching Twins over Christmas and there’s a scene early on where 2 women are walking through a supermarket casually smoking away without a care in the world. Looked really out of place.


Yeah, a beer garden and a few drinks in, the smoke can smell delicious. But that’s all it is when it comes down to it, that quick fancy ends up tasting acrid and you end up having to tell yourself your still enjoying it.

I’ve done a few meter jobs where the customer is chain smoker who never opens the windows, you can be stood at the threshold for 30 seconds and you come away smelling like a chimney, on one occasion it was my first job of the day and once I’d finished I had to race home get showered and changed because I couldn’t bear going into somebody else’s house fuckin stinking.

I only gave up for mortality reasons, after my first kid was conceived. Loved the smell, taste, the act, the time away from the desk it gave you, all of it. It was just a bummer that it kills you. Totally would start again if smoking wasn’t mentally bad for your body.


You’re all fucking mad!

I think the money was the thing for me, but you do notice less shortness of breath. But holy fuck, not having a snout after a meal or when you wake up is hard.

Yeah after food or 2 pints.

but thats it isn’t it, if it was easy it wouln’t be a discussion.

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Quit for 6 months for the first half of last year and was disgusted when I smelled them, felt I would never smoke again and now I smoke again. So tough to quit. Have to really get it in your head

Hardest part for me was always the “take a break” aspect. Used to leave my desk and nip outside for a cig, top up the mug and get back to work, on the hour every hour. Kept the head fresh.

But when working from home I just had to kick the first cig of the morning with a coffee on the balcony. I still get cravings in the morning but past about 11 I’m fine now.

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Love smoking, now I just save it for when I’m abroad and smoke a pack a day, reliving the glory years of not having a second thought over any health implications.

Now I eat celery and tomatoes for breakfast, what a shite life, might start on fags in bed again.


Just spoke to a guy we work with, who’s at Heathrow about to get on a flight to Sydney. He mentioned on Wednesday that his Australian girlfriend had been told by their government to get back asap. They also fast tracked him a Visa so this was basically him serving his notice.

He made out like he would be going in march so it was a bit of a shock.

We’ve got another member of our team somewhere on the east coast of Iceland. He’s working remotely but supposed to be coming back at the end on the month. Now we have a travel ban!

Monday is going to be fun when I have to tell the boss. Oh well, that’s Monday’s problem.

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Is she in the Aussie secret service or something?

Nah, she worked for the NHS doing diabetes stuff. He told us that all Aussies had been told to get back if the can otherwise they would be unlike to be let in for 2 years.

Killing time baby minding with YouTube, watching some old vids from the early 00’s made me remember I had black wheels on gold trucks under a red zero skull deck. I’d completely erased it from my mind. Fuck sake Steve75 for letting me buy it.


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