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Yeah I loved that book, just a very enjoyable read.

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For a while I’ve been doing a trick on transition that (to me atleast) is a fakie hurricane ie coming into it fakie, putting it in fs feeble position/grinding it just like a hurricane and then doing the odd 180 bit back in. I managed to scrape the same trick/motion on a ledge popping straight in from fakie and clattering the thing out, is that also considered a fakie hurricane, some other weird naming scheme or should I just hang my head in shame for doing such a clutzfuck trick and never do one again?

Switch willy grind revert?

Maybe it’s just a fakie FS Feeble?

dunno if it’d be willy since thats front truck on and back truck under the ledge. yeah thats what i kinda thought but theres no straight pop out, bringing it back round the odd way instead. ill try and film one next time i skate.

Fakie hurricane, rad trick on a ledge.

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Deffo a fakie hurricane. They are a lot easier to do on flat bars than ledges, I find.

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Check the replies

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