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Yeah I loved that book, just a very enjoyable read.

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For a while I’ve been doing a trick on transition that (to me atleast) is a fakie hurricane ie coming into it fakie, putting it in fs feeble position/grinding it just like a hurricane and then doing the odd 180 bit back in. I managed to scrape the same trick/motion on a ledge popping straight in from fakie and clattering the thing out, is that also considered a fakie hurricane, some other weird naming scheme or should I just hang my head in shame for doing such a clutzfuck trick and never do one again?

Switch willy grind revert?

Maybe it’s just a fakie FS Feeble?

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dunno if it’d be willy since thats front truck on and back truck under the ledge. yeah thats what i kinda thought but theres no straight pop out, bringing it back round the odd way instead. ill try and film one next time i skate.

Fakie hurricane, rad trick on a ledge.

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Deffo a fakie hurricane. They are a lot easier to do on flat bars than ledges, I find.

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Check the replies


I tried something called a Subpac today at my mate’s studio.
It is a seat back mounted vibration pack that reacts to bass.
If you have to wear headphones because you cannot have the volume very high, it really adds to the sound experience.
Similarly, it works just as well with open monitors / speakers.
Booms in movies are enhanced by it too.
It’s a strange experience with music, you could almost be convinced you are in a club or any music venue because of the little physical punch it gives.

I tried some real high end phones (audeze I think) at a synth/gear show in sheff and they had a chair set up with one of those. It was cool with the music but it was crazy with a synth. if you set up really slow glide so you had a really low note climb up you could feel the buzz climb your spine. so weird but kinda nice, almost felt sexy haha.

How can it be a hurricane if he’s not 180ing into it? That’s what makes a hurricane a hurricane.

Rough guide to smoking weed in your hotel room.

  1. Cover smoke alarm on ceiling with a sock.

  2. Lay a towel across the bottom of the door to your room.

  3. Go to bathroom, turn on shower until room is full of steam and extractor is going full chat.

  4. Lay towel at bottom of bathroom door.

  5. Chuff in bathroom.

  6. Leave light to bathroom on which is also the switch to the extractor.

  7. Ride away clean.

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Who cares? I don’t.

I do…a little. I would call it a fakie hurricane,

But I guess it’s the same argument as if it’s a fakie 5.0 or fakie nosegrind. By that logic it could be a fakie losi grind.

Been doing some spot tourism. Also checked out the santa monica triple which is honestly smaller irl than it looks on film


Are you there with Skate England?

No mate. Just a holiday road trip with a friend (who doesn’t skate so is bemused when i get excited at seeing a famous curb).

The park on the beach is sick as well, loads of people ripping it

Seems kinda like you care, but that’s cool.

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Anybody know how to keep those wheel marks from appearing on your hall wall, other than leaving the board lying down which invites disaster and hilarious consequences.

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