Pointless Topics

I heard somewhere that the computer power calculating the first moon landing was about 100kb.

Pretty much. Your phone has a fuckton more computational power, but NASA’s guidance computer wasn’t likely to randomly crap out, hang or require a reboot after a background update.

“Neil Armstrong, astronaut
He had balls bigger than King Kong
First big suit on the moon
And he’s off to play golf”

There’s a group skating the spot outside my window, and I’m trying to work and it’s actually a really annoying sound.

Karma, I guess


shout “do a kickflip”

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I love the sound of skateboarding - it’s like white noise for me.

Assuming everything is landed.

Nothing was landed

Was looking at online maps of Naples as a potential holiday destination and the first street view I looked at was this spot from a Sidewalk cover with Chris Oliver 50-50ing the rail.

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Yeah and also no talking or congratulating.

Actually now I hate it.

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I went on holiday to Sorrento with my family around 2004 and remember trying to bum slide down that rail after seeing the cover, Chroliver made it look so easy whereas I stacked it

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Go there. I went to the Amalfi coast in the early 2000s. Such an amazing place.

Check out the Parade online skate shop