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I heard somewhere that the computer power calculating the first moon landing was about 100kb.

Pretty much. Your phone has a fuckton more computational power, but NASA’s guidance computer wasn’t likely to randomly crap out, hang or require a reboot after a background update.

“Neil Armstrong, astronaut
He had balls bigger than King Kong
First big suit on the moon
And he’s off to play golf”

There’s a group skating the spot outside my window, and I’m trying to work and it’s actually a really annoying sound.

Karma, I guess


shout “do a kickflip”

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I love the sound of skateboarding - it’s like white noise for me.

Assuming everything is landed.

Nothing was landed

Was looking at online maps of Naples as a potential holiday destination and the first street view I looked at was this spot from a Sidewalk cover with Chris Oliver 50-50ing the rail.

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Yeah and also no talking or congratulating.

Actually now I hate it.

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I went on holiday to Sorrento with my family around 2004 and remember trying to bum slide down that rail after seeing the cover, Chroliver made it look so easy whereas I stacked it

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Go there. I went to the Amalfi coast in the early 2000s. Such an amazing place.

On YT, is there a way to kinda block channels? like you would hide feeds on FB or emit sellers coming up in ebay searches.
I’m sick of seeing those braille guys faces everywhere. How do their video’s constantly keep popping up even if I don’t watch them? Do they pay YT to push them up the recommended videos to anyone that watches skateboarding? Is that why they must have a video every day to pay for it.
That Aaron Kyro dude is so fucking annoying and I can’t look at him because he looks like my dad and a little bit like me, and I have a stupid voice like his.


It’s the posh sums! You watch skateboarding therefore you must want to watch that!

I watch skateboarding every day and I don’t think I’ve ever had Braille stuff. Heard about it on Slap but never seen it appear.

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Don’t know if this stops or slows it, but you can tell YouTube you’re not interested in a video.

Tap / click the three grey dots near the thumbnail (need to hover mouse over if on pc) -> Select ‘Not Interested’.

He’s weird and young and all but that Rad Rat geezer goes in with his research. Haven’t watched this yet but these usually unearth some decent footage/stories:

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Yeah this is rad.

Saw this whilst scrolling through eBay and it made me chuckle.

Surprisingly modern shape for a “vintage 1980’s board”

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Check out the Parade online skate shop