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Oh rad. I thought their song search option bit the dust.

You know when someone is solving a crime and they have all the info on the wall with red string going all over the place linking everything up?
You reckon that’s something that people will do or is it just a movie trope?


I’ll ask my step brother he’s a Detective something or other.

That’s blood spatter analysis I think. Like Dexter.


‘There is no Pepe Silvia. The man does not exist!’

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I’ve finally, finally got the keys to my new house. They told us they were going to take the washing line. Not sure I appreciated what they meant until I saw it.


FFS. What a shower of worthless gobshites.

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And just like that they gifted you a putting green


Did they take the bulbs as well? tight fucks.

Booked flights abroad a month ago, never told anybody at work, then forgot about it. Turns out somebody else has requested a load of my days off ahead of me (there’s only 4 of us in the place) and I’ve had to cough up €200 to make my planned 17 day trip into a 5 day trip, right after I finish up a bastard of a project. Bah.

Where are you off to? Are you allowed to travel from Ireland abroad atm? Like, do they also have the traffic light system that we have here?

No traffic light system here at the moment, vaccines should be all sorted be for we head out.

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Can the forumer whose family runs the pin/badge business repost the web link? I am trying to get one of those rad dad pins for fathers day. Think it was previously mentioned in the christmas presents thread (also can have discount code?). Knucks in advance.

Avatar checks out.

“I had a helicopter trip over Spaghetti Junction for my 40th. Best birthday present I’ve ever bought myself”.

Worble is Tiltmode 2.0

These are good fun especislly thr ollie trick tip

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Go on, pop in the shower.


Paging @h_palmer627

Random question: Is there a name for the trick where you drop a board underside up to have it half flip over and land back on it?

Eg Loyie Barletta off a three block in bag of suck

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The answer to your question is, yes, there is a name for it.

The answer to the follow up question of ‘what is it?’ is however proving to be a bit trickier. I did/do know but I’ve been racking my brains for half an hour and it just isn’t coming back to me. Will keep delving in the geriatric memory banks and will let you know if I come up with anything.

Edit: According to the internet it’s called a ‘biebelheimer’ - that is definitely not what I was calling it. It’s an answer of sorts though.

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