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Vagines seem to be much of a much, you basically know what you’re getting give or take. Imagine having to deal with knobs, it’s a complete lottery what you might be confronted by.

Dunno about that. Agree on the knob.

I remember getting my first ever proper deck when I was about 9 but wasn’t allowed it for a few days until my birthday and I’m not gonna lie, I took it to bed and sniffed the woody glue smell every night til it was time to grip and use it.


Also, the tangy sweat of the inside of my leather watch strap is pretty satisfying right now

I don’t smoke anymore but the smell of fags and perfume takes me back to nights out in sweaty clubs in the good old days

I was kind of skimmimg this thread and thought this was about the qualities of good vaginas.

“Ooooh, nice fanny, like a sweaty watchstrap”


Look what I started!


Does anyone have any leads on a holiday cottage on the south coast ideally Devon direction? My girlfriend is supposed to be off on her very mellow hen do thing Friday-Sunday this week and their cottage is looking like it might fall through. I think 6 or 7 people, near the sea. Any leads would be very appreciated, I’ve got uni work to do and a pizza oven to make, take her away from me.


Rubber bands! sniiiiiiifffffmmmmmmmmmmm

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We just rented a cottage near Bude on Lee Barton farm, I think it was booked on Sykes cottages.
Really close to all the beaches, Bude and only a 20/30 min drive to Bideford skatepark.

I think this was the one we booked as a family before Start of last year for Spring this year but covid and divorce happened haha

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If you ordered from a skateshop but had to return the items, but they’d bunged in a bunch of free mags (grey, free etc) and stickers into the order - would you return just the product or the free mags etc as well?

Nah, a skate shop doesn’t want a load of free mags laying around for a start, they want rid before the next ones come in and you could just walk in off the street and grab one without buying anything anyway, they’re free.


100% this

If you wanna be nice, best thing you could do is pack it well, send it asap and save them any fucking around.

Chances are they wouldn’t even remember what they bunged into the package anyway.


I wouldn’t of remembered and I packed a lot of fucking orders.

Prompt returns was all I ever wanted!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Vertical Blue free diving comp all this week.

New constant weight record 131m.

Edit: dude’s smashing it - 118m record in constant weight bi-fins today.


So do you hit a certain depth and you don’t hae to swim downwards any more, your weight just pulls you down as all the air in your lungs is so compressed or something?

Yeah, there’s a point where negative buoyancy kicks in. It varies how deep that is as it’s due to the density of the water being less than the density of the diver - it’s just after 20m in this comp, after that it’s a freefall.

Just terrifying.

Can’t remember where we supposed to be posting the random stuff that Insta recommends, but I keep getting (what I think are called) ‘shuffling’ dance tutorials.

Not sure whether I want to block them or learn them.

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