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Then what?

Parachute Pants??

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Also. OK.

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This documentary on BBC4 right now about Amy Winehouse producing Back to Black is fascinating. Worth checking on iPlayer if interested in Amy.

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Spotted on Slap. Made me chuckle.

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Flog it came on telly and it started with some amazing clean waves in Devon, wonder if I can figure out which surf spot it is. I miss surfing, dream is to live by the sea.

I thought that last film on her was very interesting even for people who weren’t into her music, I’ll give this one a go as well I think.

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Is there any footage of Frank Gerwer bombing Lombard street in San Francisco? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks

That pic of him is so good.

Make of this what you will.


brian cant pro model?

Only brian, apart from on here that I can think of, is Peacock

Words I thought I’d never hear: ‘This was the real story of Shergar the wonder horse, presented by me, Vanilla Ice for Five Live’.


Lotti, Anderson, Howard, Chung, Hoard and Sumner spring to mind…

…it’s none of these though.

The answer is…

Not as funny or interesting as it might have been. Sorry, it’s just a Brian Clarke (architectural artist) graphic.

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Are you shitting me

That is so partridge

Omg it is actually legit

“Vanilla Ice, real name Rob Van Winkle, is a massive racing fan and has become totally transfixed on the abduction of Shergar.”

This is one of those ‘type the word “this” then let predictive text complete a sentence for you’, surely.

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Do you reckon modern architecture/planning degrees include bits in the teaching about how to design skaters in or out of public spaces? When I see a spot like maybe some perfect ledges outside a building that’s a bust I’m always wondering why they didn’t think skaters would be attracted to it. It’s been around long enough now to have made it into how architects think, surely?

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Short answer - yes. See ‘hostile architecture’. Elements included in public space to deter people from actually using it in ways that may be deemed to be unwanted or unsociable. Skatestoppers of various sorts, sloped window ledges and benches to stop loitering and homeless people sleeping on them. That sort of thing. It starts with obvious facets and then continues down to the minutiae of street furniture and layout of public space.

It’s a subject that’s been well documented and as skateboarders we’ve been more aware of than the general public. It’s bound to feature in architecture, town planning and human geography courses, (as well as other subjects) to some extent.


Just to back this - yeah they do. We met with our local council recently and they had been talking to the designers of Malmo skatepark and most of their designers/architects were up to speed with the concept of building skateable areas within public spaces to draw skaters away from pedestrian areas and other such forward thinking brilliance.

Whether they can actually progress such things given the restrictive nature of planning and control is a whole other discussion.


Can anyone recommend a decent clothes horse/airer. The leg has just snapped on ours must be the 3rd of the fold up type we’ve had. We don’t have a tumble drier so on the look out for something that’ll survive a 2.5 year old

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Peak Dadsnet achieved.


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