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I found the worst records of all time in an Oxfam last week. Had to buy them. 50p each


Monty looks more country.


Haha those are great.

The idea of going “crate digging” always sounds cooler than it actually is. You have to wade through so much awful country and christian music to find anything good. Seems like every amateur choir in the world was able to get a record pressed BITD.

That’s pretty much been the case for twenty years, since vinyl came back ‘in’ and the internet existed.

Used to base holidays around record shops too. Might as well just sit in a bar and go on Discogs now.

Same with shoe shopping. There aren’t any back-room finds in provincial sportswear retailers these days.


In the US people would go to thrift stores to buy those old church pressed worship albums if they had old Fenders or Gibsons on the cover, phone up the church and ask if the artists were still alive and enquire about the guitars, offer to buy them for cash and buy a brand new replacement guitar and basically get these mint condition vintage guitars because they took such good care of them and only played em at church on sundays


Something about skateboarding on five live right now. Just switched it on so not sure what about. Post olympics I think.

I think it’s @LA???

When I’m in the mood I really enjoy it. Finding that one gem in a shop full of nana muscari is a special very geeky buzz. You get very well aquatinted with the works of James last as well. On a bad day you just feel like a weirdo who smells of dead people’s stuff

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I’ve often thought about how many Neil Sedaka records I’ve flicked past that are just sitting there. Existing.


Because I have nothing better to do


Most valuable is probably a Beatles fan club 7 which I can’t find now

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A friend of mine found a rare Beatles acetate that he sold for £6k the other week. The lucky bastard.


Holy fuck. Where he find that?


Amazing. A pal of mine found a collection of ska/rocksteady 7’s in a chazza that he got 11k for, which was mainly for 7 or 8 big ones that were in there. I do always have a squizz in any chazza after that happened.


That’s amazing.

Dream find. Always hoping to find some old geezer’s northern soul set but it hasn’t happened yet

I think that ship might have sailed. When even the people who work in charity shops - and not just the grieving widows / family members - know about eBay and Discogs, I reckon we should be glad of what we scooped at the time.

Last time I looked chazza records seemed to be way more expensive than what they should be. Dark Side of the Moon should cost about 50p, but stick it on the wall in a frame and some budding Instagramming ‘vintage’ enthusiast will probably pay £50 for it.

Did a bit of work with Keb Darge in my old job. He was talking about some southern-state radio DJ who had what was basically understood to be the greatest selection of Northern, and he had cancer. So every few weeks his wife would answer the door to somebody from somewhere in the world with a wad of cash asking - in Keb’s words - “Is the cnut deed yet?”

I think somebody a bit more helpful got involved and it ended up being split and sold across various auctions for charity, but that really seemed (to me) like the moment secondhand record shopping finished. Unless it’s regional stuff from overseas that didn’t have wide distro obviously.


I’m going to put it in my will to put all mine in various obscure charity shops. Found one of those Kent compilations recently so there’s a bit still out there. But yeah some are trying to sell junk for discogs prices.

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I always thought the charity went both ways too, helping people who are skint basically


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