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I heard about this thing around a year ago, the concept of “the line” sounds insane. There’s a cool website showing the structure of the city somewhere online.

I’m about to go and eat a Mexican (not a person), I’ll find it tomorrow and link it.

Slappies are cool again now but the ollie is the basic of the basics, you need a solid one.
Just do them loads and they’ll be like second nature soon. A nice ollie is always really satisfying.

Seems like most hotels in Basel are fully booked during the ESC next month, there must be a football game or something equally annoying in town that weekend. There are rooms left in some hotels but fuck paying 300 francs for a night in 4-star hotel, I just need a bed and a shower in the morning.

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Someone please make a pun thread. Friday feels hollow without one.

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Just had 2x toast with Nutella for lunch AND dinner



So lucky

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A guy i work with has been learning how to sky dive. I might show him this.

Currently renewing my citizenship (ID) card here in Estonia. Got a digital ticket to wait when I got in car so I would wait less whilst driving to the big government office. The woman at the entrance spoke Estonian, russian and English and checked ticket and said I should get my picture taken, along with signature and fingerprints, and you do the lot in a digital booth completely automated, no human interaction.

After about 45 min wait, the woman (she wasnt young, like mid sixties) at the desk called my number and eventually asked to see my passport. Which I didn’t have. However, she accepted me emailing a picture of it to her police email address. You just don’t get this in UK.

Anyway, she said to expect my new ID card in a couple weeks (they’d email me). So painless compare to UK. And I only decided to go on a whim as it runs out end of the month.

I know I am totally bumming Estonia here but it’s so much better to get everything done with a centralised ID.


I think the guy in the video was actually paragliding. Or at least he was right up until the moment when he went skydiving by accident.


My nan has sent me a cheque for 30 quid for my birthday. My 36th birthday.


My wife’s granny, who we think might be sat on a million in the bank gave us a £20 cheque for our wedding. She isn’t tight, she’s just never had a job and we don’t think she really knows what things cost these days.

Might sound ungrateful, it was still nice of her and we appreciated it but a bit funny.


I think Pete King once told me he got a matchbox with a pound coin in it for xmas from his gran

(and a walnut)

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In the same boat at the minute.

Just went to the Fat Duck. 3 Michelin Star is another level.

Saw this naked wooden lady earlier today and she reminded me of Beaker.


I’ve got to this wave place before 7am to meet my mate who’s surfing and I’m trying my absolute best to see the appeal of it and I just can’t.

It’s got a fairly decent looking free ramp to skate though. Too dewy to skate atm to give a proper review

I think it being that far off the floor will give me the heebie jeebies tbh.

Edit: Liked the shape. Coping was a bit sunk so hard to dig trucks in. This bit was the issue on both walls:

Nice to go skating in the morning though. Got my whole day ahead of me.


Aged 6 my brother tricked me into closing my eyes to ‘not see the scary bit’ of Jaws then told me to open them again just as the shark jumped out the sea and on to the boat to eat Quint (fucking lol you bellend). Now I can’t even go in the sea off Wales without imagining a shoal of killer great whites hovering 20m off the beach waiting to rip me to bits so surfing has never been much fun


I don’t know, I’m assuming it’s the same place, (The Wave, Bristol), and from the first two minutes of this it looks pretty fun to me…

The longboard bit at Woolacombe straight after, however, just reminds me of the surf clip from Super Champion Funzone, with Japanese guys trying to surf a four inch ripple.

It is yeah. Really nice place but you have to brace yourself hard for the amount of people mall grabbing longboards.

The breakfast rolls are sensational.


I love skating in the morning. Serotonin levels high for the day.

I think I went skating at 6.45 one morning last year. It was pretty cool. This said, I usually go skating at 10.30ish if I skate early.

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Seriously going to watch this