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my friend picked up a Habitat and it has one of the weirdest shapes I’ve ever seen. Huge nose similar to a Hockey/FA, but the tail is super short/stubby and kinda squared off and the whole things flat as a table.

Cole is getting back on Zero then he and Jamie Thomas are teaming up with Koston and Guy for another new board brand. It’s called ‘Minus Numbers’.

I’ll get my coat.


More random creative writing from me. Loosely skate related.
5 years ago Lee Kirby and Chris Turner came to Brussels to shoot photos and film on the DIY skatepark, Byrrrh.
Not long after their visit, Lee sent me some random photos he shot with a 1000 word fiction task. I penned the following in one draft. I don’t think it’s what he expected, but I like it.

Zero are about to drop a new video and no-one seems to care? Modern times.

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Huge article in the last Thrasher. Looks amazing.

Still very little hype outside of that.

True, and their IG gives nothing away. Weird.

(917) are about drop a video too. Seems very little buzz about it.

Also it is about to hit Oct soon with very little SOTY hype?

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Mark Suciu’s part will be out soon.

Does anyone have an issue of Skateboarder (or possibly Skateboarding) - may have been a 25th anniversary issue with Bam dropping in on something at a police station (I think?). Would love to get hold of the interviews in there - I remember Cab mentioning something about how he’s scared of ten stair rails and would like to read them all again…think there’s some gold there - so if anyone could scan them (cough @buildafire) that would be epic.

What year? Everything after 2004 is in boxes, unorganised, in the attic…

it was 1997 if i remember rightly.

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I think I have it in The Boxes too.

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Ah, I don’t have that.

At Broadgate atm

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Is that the latest Red Bull mini-velodrome?

Yes this is it - probably in my top 3 issues of all time. Look at the power list of interviews - and all pre-media blowup so all relatively candid.


If it helps I got that issue when I was in Australia, where you are now.
Byron Bay, thanks.

Jesus I didn’t realise how long this thread was, just spent ten minutes reading the conversation of you lot stealing from supermarkets about a month ago, little toerags


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