Pointless Topics

Yeah I had two root canals done privately last year. Great service but bad expensive - 900 each

Was hoping it would be a bit less. I’ve got 1 so I can deal, and don’t fancy giving it 6 months to get worse. How did you find the place?

I was desperate so I just went on positive reviews locally

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Cheers. I feel like doing the dentist for negligence, I told her I’d cracked a tooth and she said “can’t see anything wrong, no need for an xray” I had to go back 2 months later and tell them to do an xray, cue “oooof” from the dentist and assistant when they looked at it

Can someone who doesn’t mind writing a sarcastic instagram comment to a stranger on instagram DM me please? Need to make a point to someone but I can’t be seen to do it myself


Ooooh juicy! Please explain more!

Ha it’s nothing really I’ve just been getting hassled for a long time about something that could be googled in 3 seconds and I don’t want to give the person the satisfaction of a direct answer


I hate that.

Happens a lot in work……


In impossible situation at the moment.

I made a smoothie for myself for lunch, all I got to do is buzz it, but obviously it’s very loud.

Wife is trying to sleep upstairs.
We have a guest trying to sleep downstairs.
Guest’s kid is sleeping outside in a stroller.

I am fucking starving and really want to eat this smoothie but there is nowhere to buzz it where it will wake someone up.


I have even considered running an extension lead to the car and doing it there, but this is too close to the kid in the stroller


I suppose I could eat some toast or something

Would putting a towel or something over the top while you buzz it drown out the noise enough?

Blinking is loud enough to wake my wife


Guest awake. Their kid still sleeping outside.

Therefore car smoothie idea still not viable.

Wife asleep and trying to keep the kids entertained so they don’t wake her up.

Been waiting 4 hours now

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Wrap it in a duvet and hope

Everyone is now awake

Fucking finally


How was it?

Kefir, kama, raisins, 2 bananas, blueberries, strawberries, protein powder (creme brulé flavour, spinach, oat milk and some water.

So you’ll just have to use that big beautiful brain of yours to imagine it

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I’ve been moaning like f*** this weekend about a new pair of jeans not being comfy despite being exactly the same as another pair I have that are ace.

Instagram just threw this at me…

‘Elastic waist for comfort’ almost had me adding to cart.