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Anybody here have experience negotiating an employment contract? I’ve been looking over a contract for a new job and there’s an oddly worded clause about indemnity, which I would be liable for their legal costs and fines in the case of epic failure on my part. CEO says it shouldn’t apply to me as a video/design guy, but for obvious reasons, I don’t want that in there. Otherwise the job would be fine.

Not sure it would cover it without talking to my accountant but I’ve had indemnity insurance for years as a freelancer. Doesn’t cost much at all so if it did cover you might be worth it - depending on the new job salary.

Does seem a bit shady to put the onus on you though, if you’re an on-the-books paid up employee.

Yeah as LittleMan says I think this just suggests you would need to arrange your own insurance as you wouldn’t be covered on theirs.

I feel like anybody who engages in genocide is probably capable of lying on an online form.