Yeah, and that just backs up my point.

But I’d go further in that skateboarding has always had a uniform - it has just been peer-led - and right now (and over the past 2 years), we are beginning to see a change in that uniform once again…only this time, it has been after a good 15 years with very little movement unlike previous changes which have happened every few years.


And we still dont have a specific Trousers thread here!


This is as close as one can get, it seems.

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Fucking love what’s happening with this.
Kids want to look like they are extras in mid 90’s or bones brigade crew then bring it.
They want to look how they want, good.

It’s like a big middle finger to the uniformed all shoe sponsor jock mode you see in SL and the Olympics.


I’d be up for posting some trousers, if that thread happened.

This is the shoes thread. Let’s talk shoes.


(obv. not literally as its 8:50am in lockdown so you are likely at home already)


We could start a thread to discuss whether or not we have a trousers thread.


Plenty of threads already in trousers

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Maybe raise the motion to whether that thread discussing the creation of a trouser thread has support by way of a thread with a poll?

Good thinking.

I’ll notify everyone by post that there’s going to be a poll. Best to have these things in writing.

Absolutely. Although, I’d probably clear that idea with @Spanky first. People might think a notification is a bit spammy.

Could email them first to ask them for permission to contact them?

Fuck, this would be so much easier under EU data laws.

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‘You have no authority here, LondonSkater’


I mean, you did just hand him that moderator contract. Now what?

Are you down to elaborate re: colourways a bit more? Just genuinely interested.

I’d always wondered if people get paid extra when they have a colourway out. I wonder what the difference between royalties on a colourway and a pro shoe are?

Also been thinking about it a little bit lately in regards to rider colours of pro shoes. Surely, that’s gonna be well expensive because there’s double to pay out to the riders there? Does that affect pricing?

When Shane O’Neil had a colour way of a Janoski, I think it was received strangely. I certainly found it weird but then I figured “Well how many people have had colourways of Half Cabs over there the years?”

Beatrice Domond had a colourway of AVE’s shoe recently - and maybe it’s just because she’s not as a big of a name - but there didn’t seem to be that same weird response as the Shane/Janoski thing. That said, even though it’s not that common, maybe colourways of pro shoes are more of a thing now? TX had a Busenitz a couple of years ago too.

Outside the sports brands, have any companies made a staple model into a pro model like the GT Blazer (which is genuinely retooled) and the Ishod Dunk (to a lesser extent)?

I’ve got a pair of the Andrew Allen Authentic Highs and I feel it has this paradoxical existence between a colourway and pro shoe. The regular Authentic is obviously a Vans staple - and granted the Authentic High is actually a short lived, old model they brought back for a AA/Hockey/Vans collab. But also, the only time the Authentic High was/is available is when it’s got Andrew Allen’s name on it so that kind of blurs the line.

Sorry, a lot of thinking/rambling out loud going on here…

Going backwards…I saw Emerica do the same thing with the Omen Hi. There is a Winkowski which sort of sat in between a colourway and a pro model, as it was an adapted Omen Hi with more rubber in places it needed it for support.
That sits in the same world as the GT Blazer or Ishod Dunk, I guess.
I should imagine meetings with these dudes are sort of half simple and half nightmare in that your brand wants to create a new shoe around this skater but all this guy wants is the one shoe they know and love. Hence these adaptations. For the brand and skater, it makes it a bit harder to shout that they have their own model, I guess. Taking away the heaviness of that story is probably a bit of a sting.

I do think having a Beatrice colourway of an AVE shoe is odd. Have any other brands done that? Was AVEs name still on it? If so, they’d be paying double, for sure.
The Janoski one was a bit different as it isn’t really a pro shoe anymore - Nike bought the name from him, so Janoski is a style name and nothing more right now. At least, that is my understanding.

As for payments - that’d depend brand to brand and contract to contract. But yeah, I’ve seen between 1%-6% at various shoe companies for colour way royalties. Seems to be roughly the zone people play in.
Pro models have royalties, too. Not 100% sure on the percentage zone there, though.
A pro shoe is still a very big deal, even at the smaller companies as the profit margins reduce on this sort of thing as they are usually tech heavy (even if they are a simple shoe, reinforced) which costs more than the regular line PLUS you’ve got another person taking part of the profit.