Na but you know how some people are adidas and some are Nike?

I have basically never worn adidas so it feels off brand if I do.

I like a lot of the Lakai models out currently.

I traditionally have been Nike over adi, mainly because of the extra width Nike seemed to offer.
The boozers fit fine though and are the first adis I’ve had in years and years.

I tried one pair a couple years ago, not sure which model but it was mega tight fitting and not that great.

Man, seems there are no NB Epics around, discontinued? Anyone had any before?new-balance-epic-tr-suede-orange-navy-1

Those accel’s are nice.

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Exactly, A buzenitz for the accel wearer.

Can’t find any anywhere for sale apart from 1 pair in my size on ebay in Glasgow. How do NB fit usually?

They’re too small.


Not a fan of how a lot of NB shoes seem to have a side panel which overlaps forward over the toe box.

Ok, so half size up should do it?

Yeah, could easily end up like an air intake if skated.

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Just bought the last pair I could find of the tan ones. We’ll see if they’re as nice as I think they look.

I have to half size up, yeah. If you’re used to Nike or adidas (which I guess you aren’t) you’ll get a fright at how stiff they are.

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I’ve got them in U.K 10’s (which It says is a USA 10.5). Im normally a U.K 9.

this model? Hmmm, I guess i’ll find out ha.

The 225.

Ah ok. ta.

I’m currently wearing airwalk jammer lo’s mainly cos i found they fit spot on and are comfy.
only downside is the insole never seems to last long, thin soles so nice feel on the board. Doubt they’d last long with someone who skates properly mind

I have a pair of those NB. The red Lost Art ones. Definitely go half size up if you can. I just liked the way they were Made in England.

Ha, I found my NBs were a lot less stiff than my adidas.

Re sizing, I tend to go up a half size for a nice snug fit, a full size for a loose comfy fit. With NB.

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