How many tshirts does he actually own if at all?

I’d say one, then about 100 pairs of shorts.

I just want Lucas to keep releasing the Lucas Premiere in nice, off-white colours.

The last few releases have been horrible

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That’s the t shirt he wears on his head

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Or holding in his hand. So maybe two.

White leather with navy stripes were absolutely stunning. Wish they just made those with different coloured stripes over and over.

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Agreed. Regular people like them too, I’m surprised they aren’t a staple.

Hmm, they’re certainly not growing on me.

They look like when a high street fast fashion brand sees what people are wearing and makes their own, just much cheaper looking, with exaggerated features. From the top you might be able to convince yourself they’re a lot of Lampin, but otherwise you’ll probably just be getting envious stares from toddlers.

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Vincent Huhna’s dad is the guy skating these in the photo.

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I preferred the Clae style ones they did, still not enough to get me excited but they were better than those.

I don’t dislike them but if you look at value vs product these should be pitched at £40 a pair. Much like Sheep was the simple budget side of Es/soletech.

Hm they do need something else going on though don’t they? A tag, a swoosh, couple of stripes or three. Just a bit too plain.
And I’m getting vans agah vibes from the lace hole bit whatever that is called.

Agah x Lampin, definitely. Both nice shoes, but not so much at once.

Still, I’m sure they’ll do very well.

I see teenage girls with rich parents wearing Polar hoodies to school.
I see the same girls wearing these shoes…


Brave releasing a shoezone looking vans rip, for more than a price of vans.

What about these then? These are way worse. And they’ve got Mike V on the team and a quote from Berra on the website.

Absolutely meaningless. The question is whether he’s got a tattoo of the logo or not.

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There’s someone doing a primo stand on the front page.

Gonna stick my neck out and say, this would be a nice looking shoe if they just removed the massive logo on the side

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