On the new balance site.

I think they mean ‘vulc’


Or did they miss an “a” off of the end?


oooo cheers naan, wanted to try the 420’s as well !


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Looks like 3 different shoes human-centipeded together.


It’s like a mix of the Jordan 11 and the Choad.

So good. Just need black and gum, or black and white. And white and gum.

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That sole looks pretty thick, think I’d have to see them in the flesh to decide. The laces look pretty exposed as well.

Got to have a burgundy and white as well, surely?

That dark green is super nice though. That could quite easily boom like a Janoski or Busenitz.

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If you’re going to skate in them, yeah, I guess.

I wear green trousers all the time so can’t mess with green footwear.

These look really good.

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Well they are a pro skate shoe right? :thinking:

Of course. Just that that hadn’t crossed my mind.

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Just got those NB 420’s from their sale, nice shoes, with a cheeky little stash pocket as well! Should’ve guessed!

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Nice, what was the sizing like in the end?

Went half a size up and they fit perfectly!

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Thought that Tyshawn shoe was a bit too tech looking from the internet photos but seeing it in the flesh it actually looks really fucking good. Doesn’t look like too chunky sole either, perfect balance.

I’m actually really hyped on how shoes are looking and skating recently in the general shoe world. Good balance between thin boardfeel but also a bit of weight to em without it being a moonboot. I tried on some of those fat new DC reissues as I was curious and was surprised that they all seem super comfy and would have good boardfeel.

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Ordered a pair of 379s off the NB sale last night, hopefully they’ll fit (I’ve got some non skate NBs in 10.5 so gone for the same size).

Check out the Parade online skate shop